Know The AKC Loop HOLE!!!

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WE have had a nightmare with the AKC — We are taking to our State Department of Insurance for review. This company needs to be held accountable. I would suggest any other provider BUT the AKC. I have dropped the AKC insurance because "seperate incidents" the AKC considered one and DENIED my claims! They have PER INCIDENT LOOP HOLE -- WATCH OUT for that! Wish I knew that. Our experience is they even denied euthanasia for my beloved pet. This is with teh AKC WELLNESS PLAN as well -- the most enriched plan available.
I thought I had good coverage EXCEPT the AKC has a HUGE LOOP HOLE that puts everything as ONE INCIDENT and then they DENY the claim- even when they have separate illnesses and DOS listed on the EOB they PREPARED and clearly they are not the same incident.

STAY AWAY from this provider if you truly want to have your pet insured. Many other providers with excellent COVERAGE.

I found this site fabulous here to be very helpful during my pursuit in finding a new insurance providers for my pups. For myself I selected Embrace that does not have the PER INCIDENT LOOP HOLE!!

AKC has been a horrific experience, a huge expense and provided heartache and a PREMIUM cost! I don't wish that on anyone.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/12/2011
By: Steve Popovich, CEO

Pet health insurance companies that have per incident limits (and most do) have them in order to keep the price of the policy at an affordable level. The explanation of what an “incident” is as well as the respective per incident limits of our five AKC Pet health care plans are shown below.
Plan Per Incident limit (a)
Accident Only $2,000
Essential $1,500
Essential plus $3,000
Wellness $5,000
Wellness Plus $5,000

(a) Incident means a specifically identifiable accident, injury, or illness. Recurring, related and/or chronic conditions shall be considered as one incident.

This information is also included on our website in the terms and conditions. Whether or not multiple claims relate to the same incident is usually clear from the Vet’s medical records we receive. If there is any doubt, we call the Vet for clarification.