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After having the AKC Pet Healthcare plan on my four Bulldogs for two years I recently switched to Embrace. I was frustrated about the length of time it took AKC to process claims and the fact that they considered just about everything genetic and therefore denied the claim. In addition, for two years I tried to get them to consider giving a multi-pet discount and all I was told was that it was something they were considering. They still don't offer it...
Knowing that Bulldogs are prone to a lot of genetic disorders, I decided to look into other Pet Insurance Plans. That's when I realized that the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan is one of the WORST rated pet insurance companies out there. I chose Embrace because they are one of the top rated companies and learned there's a reason for that. Their level of customer service is superior! During a recent wellness check (on a Saturday) my vet found a small mammary tumor on one of my girls. She had surgery that day and spent the night in the hospital. I submited my claims to Embrace on Monday and was shocked to find the money direct deposited into my account on Friday (less my $200 annual deductible and 10% co-pay. I was provided status every step of the way. I even recieved a person email from one of the co-founders a week later verifying that I received my payment and if for some reason I hadn't she wanted me to contact her personally. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Embrace may cost a little more but you get something in return - COVERAGE and personal service.

Bottom line is DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you buy pet insurance. There's a lot of information out there. I wish I had done my research instead of just signing up with AKC Pet Healthcare because it was recommended by AKC when I received my registration papers. Having the AKC seal of approval in this case is very disappointing.

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Posted: 10/05/2010
By: DJ

I am experiencing many issues with the AKC Petpartners insurance. I have been paying for multi policies and when you truly need the insurance -- they try and find a loop whole. Kind of makes the whole insurance thing with them USELESS. I am also reviewing Embrace. During my simple phone calls with questions Embrace was very customer service oriented and helpful. The price was not that different from what I am paying the AKC PetPartners and I feel the coverage limits and annual maximums with NO PER INCIDENT with Embrace is fabulous UNLIKE AKC. Thank you for your information on Embrace and sharing your story with about your experience with the AKC -- I can relate. How unfortunate for us - huh?