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When we knew we were getting a new Labrador retriever puppy in the Fall of 2012, we again researched pet insurance. We were not completely satisfied with Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) after using that company for our two current labs. We went through a bone cancer diagnosis with our older lab and VPI covered less than 50% of our bills. They have a "benefit schedule" that truly only benefits them, not the customer. The schedule allows for only a certain amount of payment per injury or illness. Our chemotherapy allowance was way too low and our out of pocket expenses were way too high.
We took a policy through Pet Plan for our new puppy, Harley, and have been completely satisfied and happy with the insurance coverage. Harley had three surgeries in the first year that we had him. He was diagnosed with OCD in both of his shoulders and he also had a scrolled third eye lid. Out of $6,000 in vet bills that first year we paid only $1,200 out of pocket; after our $200 deductible. That is a true 80% as promised by Pet Plan. They pay 80% of any bill from a specialist and our bills were from two different specialty vets. Truly amazing!

Harley is now on cartilage supplements for the rest of his life and they are not cheap. We see a holistic vet and use all natural supplements and pain medications whenever possible. Pet Plan covers holistic medications and much more, like water therapy and acupuncture. We will be able to do whatever treatments Harley will require throughout his lifetime with the help of Pet Plan.

We tell everyone that is considering pet insurance to look into getting a Pet Plan policy. Anyone considering a new puppy should really obtain pet insurance and Pet Plan is definitely our number one choice. The customer service is outstanding and the ease of filing claims and promptness of our reimbursement is excellent. We will have all of our future pets covered by Pet Plan and it is so great to know that we found the perfect pet insurance company!

To us, having pet insurance doesn't limit what we can afford for necessary medical treatment of our pets. We are able to do whatever we can in their best interest. And we can use the best veterinarians available to us!

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