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After my first cat, who has several health issues, I vowed to always get pet insurance for any pet that walked through my door. When two young kittens showed up at my door, we started hunting for the best insurance we could find. We finally decided on Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.
Until recently, we really haven't had to use Healthy Paws too much. The past couple of weeks, one of my 3 year old cats started having trouble with seizures and urine retention. After running several diagnostic tests, the vets were still stumped as to what the underlying issue could be. The bills were rapidly building and I kept thinking, "How on earth could we afford all this if we didn't have insurance?!" Every claim that we have submitted to Healthy Paws has been processed at lightning speed and they have covered the majority of the costs.

It was amazing to be able to focus solely on what needed to be done for my cat instead of having to worry about the mounting bills.

I'm happy to say that my cat has been slowly recovering and gets a little better every day.

The customer service provided by Healthy Paws is unbelievable. The really are interested and invested in helping people and their pets. We are so glad that we have Healthy Paws and can rest easy knowing that if a crisis arises, we have Healthy Paws on our side.

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Functional Urethral Obstruction
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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