Beware - for owners of epileptic dogs

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I signed my mixed breed dog up with Healthy Paws in May 2012 after doing a lot of research(he was ~6 months old). Little did I know when I signed up that he would have his first seizure 9 months later and be diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. At first, I was very excited I had chosen Healthy Paws as they covered his blood tests, meds, and most of his ER visit. He has had a rough 7 months since his first seizure and I thought Healthy Paws actually cared about him. If you are a loving pet parent and have ever had to watch your dog have multiple seizures, you know how horrific it is.On the Healthy Paws website, they claim that the only thing they don't cover is pre-existing conditions. This is false. He is currently on an anti-convulsion medication that will likely shorten his lifespan and cause kidney/liver issues down the line since he had to start taking them at such a young age.
I recently went to a licensed vet who practices holistically to try a new approach. She performed a consultation, which included acupuncture (which Healthy Paws did not cover even though they say they do) and was given a new medication that has effectively treated other dogs with epilepsy and enabled them to go off of their western meds, which have horrible side effects. Healthy Paws does not cover any of the holistic side of care, even though they make no such claims other then to not cover pre-existing conditions on their website. The medication that Healthy Paws covers will likely shorten the

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