three days of torture

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Apparently my pet Dexter ate something (not sure what) and started vomiting for hours off and on every l5 to 20 mins. You could tell he was in pain. Took him to vet and they did an x-ray which revealed a possible foreign body and said he needed an ultrasound, and they were closing and could not do an ultrasound there, and substitute vet sent me to another place for tests and ultrasound. There was definitely inflammation and a possible foreign body which showed up. Subsequent, all seemed to start to clear and after a few days on a bland diet, Dexter was fine again and back to his old self. It was so nice to have the Pet Insurance at a time like this and it really helped a lot. Dexter has been fine since and enjoying himself. We both thank you for being there for us when we needed to help with these bills. Thanks again.

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possible foreign body
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