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Years ago I tried a pet insurance company but they found a loophole to deny everything. I spent over $10,000 over his 14 years because he then was uninsurable and I thought pet insurance was a scam. But then I found Trupanion. In 2009 when I got a puppy I researched pet insurance companies. I found Trupanion to have the best coverage and best prices. I switched to them and have insured 3 dogs with them. I must say, the service has been absolutely outstanding and personal. Their claim process and reimbursement is fast. They keep me informed every step of the way. I had to put my 13 yr old dog to sleep last week and before I could even contact Trupanion to tell them, Cynthia Howell contacted me with condolences and said she already took care of cancelling the policy, issuing my refund and contacted the vet for the final bill. She was so kind and saved me having to make that awful call to take care of business during my time of grief. I also got a personal handwritten note that was not just some canned wording. She knew my dogs, she knew the one who I lost prior to Trupanion. That card means so much. Another time I made a change to my deductible and didn't fully understand the details. Trupanion rep assisted me to correct the error I made and paid out my outstanding claims. I now have an 8 month old puppy whom I insured with Trupanion from the day I got him. He ended up needing a $2,038 surgery. Other companies would not have covered this surgery, but Trupanion has. I will sing

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one for CHF, one for luxating patella, one for bracyphillic airway disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Japanese Chin

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Under a year

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