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Updated: November 13, 2023

As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. Learn more about Nationwide’s plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Kristie M

Pet Insurance has been a literal life-saver

I adopted my senior Boston Terrier when she was 8. Almost immediately after adoption, we discovered that she had patellar luxation and needed a double knee surgery, which her insurance paid for. 2 years later, she developed catastrophic issues that sent her to the ER vet. After several days of hospitalization, it was determined that she had an undiagnosed heart valve condition and a blood condition (where her blood gets too thick.) Between the two of these issues, she had developed fluid in her abdomen and kidney shut down, with a bit of pancreatitis sprinkled on top. The entire situation cost well over $7000 to save her life. Without insurance, I don't know how we'd have paid for her care. I was in a lucky spot where when the vets proposed treatment to save her, I didn't have to stop and think, or panic about getting the money, I just got her the care I needed, knowing insurance would help cover her care. Just this year, Trudy developed a mast cell tumor in a very difficult spot in her armpit that required surgery. The location of the tumor, along with her pre-existing conditions, meant she needed to see a surgical specialist to have it removed. Once again, insurance saved the day, and I was able to get Trudy the specialty care she needed. The tumor was removed with good margins, and I have extra time with my best friend.

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VETERINARIAN: Burlington Veterinary Center

POSTED: | BY: Bonnie Schaff


We have had Nationwide Pet Insurance for our Sadee since we adopted her 7 years ago. Claims are very easy to file and are generally settled in less than a week with the option to have payments deposited directly to our bank account. On the one occasion that there was a bit of a mix up, customer service straightened it out immediately. I highly recommend Nationwide.

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VETERINARIAN: Deerwood Animal Hospital

POSTED: | BY: Carey Daniels

Nationwide Pet Insurance disappoints when with rates of reimbursement and limitations for specific diagnosis

When it comes down to it and your pet is diagnosed with cancer you hope to have coverage for adequate diagnosis and treatment The benefit reimbursement for this insurance is very low and completely out of touch with the current market. It did not even fully cover the cost of a biopsy and CT scan and I was out of benefits for cancer until my next benefit year. Needless to say my dog will likely not live to see the next benefit year commence. Only their top tier policy may be worth while. None of my pets qualified to upgrade to that policy when it was introduced as they had pre-existing conditions meaning claims had already been filed . This company was VPI years ago and was wonderful. Nationwide took over and it’s awful.

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VETERINARIAN: Perrin-410 Animal Hospital (Closed March 31, 2023)

POSTED: | BY: Virginia Fulkerson

Exceptional Insurance -- Nationwide

I have the Nationwide policy that pays 90% on all claims. They do not pay for grooming, etc. But all health related items are paid at 90%. They do not charge based on claims but age. I had policy with Nationwide prior to this one that pays 90% and they still have it (I believe) and pays a lower percentage -- same service and claim rating as insurance I now have.

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POSTED: | BY: Daniel wallace

No worries

It's a great feeling to just say to the vet"Do whatever you need to do cause Rooney has nationwide on his side to cover expenses when they are unexpected

Monthly Cost

Policies start at approximately $12 per month.


Nationwide offers a variety of plans offering varying levels of coverage. The company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness, offers 90% reimbursement for accident, injury, illness and wellness care, inclusive of exam fees. All Nationwide members have complimentary 24/7 access to vethelpline.

Payout Limits

Depending on the plan selected, there may be annual benefit limits or per incident benefit allowances. There is no annual limit for the company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness.


Annual deductibles range from $0 to $1,000. Most popular annual deductible for Whole Pet with Wellness is $250.

Age Limits

No age restriction to enroll in company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness. Other plans may have age restrictions.

Waiting Period

14-day waiting period after application approved and payment of premium is received.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered on any plans (if a condition is curable, it may be eligible for review if pet remains treatment-free for at least six months). Whole Pet with Wellness covers nearly all veterinary expenses. Notable exclusions include boarding and grooming.
Since 1982, Nationwide has helped pet owners protect what matters most. As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. In 2015, it introduced Whole Pet with Wellness, the only U.S. pet health insurance plan offering complete coverage for injuries, accidents, illnesses and wellness care. Policies range from nose-to-tail coverage to routine pet care plans that offer reimbursement for wellness exams and preventive treatments.

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