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Updated: November 13, 2023

As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. Learn more about Nationwide’s plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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VETERINARIAN: I don'tknow any

POSTED: | BY: Renalda Rouse


Everything was a hassle abouthe claim. The claim of Justin always had an issue about what they would or what and pay for and why they wouldn't pay for. It

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POSTED: | BY: Bridget Phillips

Nationwide has saved my dogs life

If you are looking at getting insurance. Look no further. Nationwide has been the best insurance and best decision I could have made for my English bulldogs life. The claims are easy to submit and I couldn’t be happier.

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POSTED: | BY: Tanya Broughman

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide is easy to use and when I call I always get any help that I need.

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VETERINARIAN: South Loop Animal Hospital Chicago, IL

POSTED: | BY: Tony Ferman

Nationwide has helped me take good care of my kitty 8 years and counting.

Simply put I am very satisfied with Nationwide as our insurance provider. My boy is 8 years old and I've been with Nationwide since he was about a year old. We have the Whole pet with wellness plan and the $250 deductible is reasonable and rates are too. Recently checked an alternative, highly touted company out of due diligence and they wanted twice the amount for monthly premiums. Probably pays to stick with one company in the long run in most cases versus hopping around chasing the best rate since they likely don't take into account your history and only see potential future claims with no allowance for the years of premiums you've already paid. The older your pet, the more startling this loyalty discount truly becomes. Starting a policy when your furry friend is young is also strongly recommended. In any case, a few things I've learned over the years and somethings to consider when selecting which insurance and when. I have had a few major claims and dental cleanings plus wellness through the years and they promptly reimburse you electronically directly to your bank account if you set up your account this way. Claims can be uploaded online or your vet can submit with clinical notes. They have an app to but haven't tried it yet. Small multi-pet discounts and option to pay monthly premiums or the whole year upfront. Most importantly it helps keep your furbaby up to date on vaccines and preventative care plus the unforeseen. I'll be continuing with Nationwide and taking advantage of the multi-pet discount very soon! :)

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POSTED: | BY: Sharron Oesby

A worthy benefit

I have two precious four-legged babies that have their fair share of health challenges. My Pomeranian was diagnosed with pancreatic disease and my Shepherd has severe allergies. Nationwide insurance was an benefit option through my company that provides employees with some discount in pricing. I have top of the line coverage of 90% reimbursement with a annual $250 deductible. Nationwide is very timely and fair in working with the veterinarian on any diagnosis and providing my reimbursements without any disputes or delays. Like most pet insurance, as long as your furry baby did not have a preexisting condition before taking out the insurance, the plan I have covers a lot of insurance benefits. I gave it a 4 star overall due to the pricing. Due to my furry babies turning 10 in 2024, my annual amounts increased drastically which was a culture shock to my wallet.

Monthly Cost

Policies start at approximately $12 per month.


Nationwide offers a variety of plans offering varying levels of coverage. The company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness, offers 90% reimbursement for accident, injury, illness and wellness care, inclusive of exam fees. All Nationwide members have complimentary 24/7 access to vethelpline.

Payout Limits

Depending on the plan selected, there may be annual benefit limits or per incident benefit allowances. There is no annual limit for the company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness.


Annual deductibles range from $0 to $1,000. Most popular annual deductible for Whole Pet with Wellness is $250.

Age Limits

No age restriction to enroll in company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness. Other plans may have age restrictions.

Waiting Period

14-day waiting period after application approved and payment of premium is received.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered on any plans (if a condition is curable, it may be eligible for review if pet remains treatment-free for at least six months). Whole Pet with Wellness covers nearly all veterinary expenses. Notable exclusions include boarding and grooming.
Since 1982, Nationwide has helped pet owners protect what matters most. As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. In 2015, it introduced Whole Pet with Wellness, the only U.S. pet health insurance plan offering complete coverage for injuries, accidents, illnesses and wellness care. Policies range from nose-to-tail coverage to routine pet care plans that offer reimbursement for wellness exams and preventive treatments.

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