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As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. Learn more about Nationwide’s plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Amber N

scam - VPI exists for the $, not the pets

I've been a paying customer of a Premium Plan for SIX YEARS at $50 a month. My dog has been relatively healthy for that whole period. Last month, my dog got cancer, to the tune of $2000. A deadly cancer called hemangiosarcoma. She needed bloodwork, cytology report, meds, and ultimately surgery to remove the rapidly growing tumor. When I submitted the expenses, they covered only $560 of my entire bill!!! They told me that my "Premium Plan" was old and had not been updated since 2008 for any adjustments and therefore only this small amount was cover and that they surgery itself was NOT covered. I was outraged! After speaking with the first customer agent, I asked to talk with her supervisor. After getting the run around from the second, I said I wanted to talk to underwriting and they said they do not allow customers to talk to the underwriting department. Then I said I wanted the president's information, so they forwarded me to the "customer advocate" for the president. After 3 very heated calls, she phoned me back the next day and told me that underwriting was correct and that they would not pay any more on my claim. I am canceling my policy.

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POSTED: | BY: Laika

Grateful to have VPI

I am so grateful to have VPI Major Medical Plan. My dog had to have a TPLO for her complete ACL tear. The procedure was expensive but VPI covered everything minus the tax (but who cares!) If you love your pet and think in the future, VPI is way to go.

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Satisfied with service

Overall, we were satisfied with the company but it took a little longer than I had expected and required me calling VPI a couple of times to inquire about the status of the claim.

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POSTED: | BY: Jay Frogameni

VPI Customer for Over 12 Years

I have been part of the VPI family for over 12 years and I use the word family, because that is how they treat you. We have had major medical issues with our pet's in the past and VPI and their employees have been so great to us. Not many companies these days treat you this way it's refreshing. If you have a pet and you love them like family as we do sign up for VPI to help you take the best care possible of your pet.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Lisa Emmett

Thankful owner.. says thank you!

The process was so easy, what started as a horrible experience when a puppy was rushed to the vet, ended with a more than positive outcome. Booty Juice is once again healthy and happy and VPI made the entire process seamless. Thank you again!!

Monthly Cost

Policies start at approximately $12 per month.


Nationwide offers a variety of plans offering varying levels of coverage.

The company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness, offers 90% reimbursement for accident, injury, illness and wellness care, inclusive of exam fees.

All Nationwide members have complimentary 24/7 access to vethelpline.

Payout Limits

Depending on the plan selected, there may be annual benefit limits or per incident benefit allowances.

There is no annual limit for the company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness.


Annual deductibles range from $0 to $1,000.

Most popular annual deductible for Whole Pet with Wellness is $250.

Age Limits

No age restriction to enroll in company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness.

Other plans may have age restrictions.

Waiting Period

14-day waiting period after application approved and payment of premium is received.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered on any plans (if a condition is curable, it may be eligible for review if pet remains treatment-free for at least six months).

Whole Pet with Wellness covers nearly all veterinary expenses. Notable exclusions include boarding and grooming.

Since 1982, Nationwide has helped pet owners protect what matters most. As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. In 2015, it introduced Whole Pet with Wellness, the only U.S. pet health insurance plan offering complete coverage for injuries, accidents, illnesses and wellness care. Policies range from nose-to-tail coverage to routine pet care plans that offer reimbursement for wellness exams and preventive treatments.

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