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Trupanion insured pets lead longer, happier lives*. The Trupanion policy provides best-in-class medical insurance coverage for your pet that can be used at any veterinary hospital in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico – ensuring your pet is protected wherever you may be. Trupanion is the only provider than can pay your veterinarian directly at the time of checkout. This benefit helps you from having to fill out extensive claims paperwork or wait to be reimbursed. A Trupanion Pet insurance policy has unlimited payouts on claims. They do not increase rates for filing claims. While some providers may drop coverage when a certain number of claims are filed, Trupanion never will. The Trupanion policy does not increase rates just because your pet ages and their policy allows you to enroll your pet from birth for true lifelong coverage for your pet.   *‘Based on a December, 2020 Trupanion study analyzing third party hospital claims data comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy. Trupanion is a registered trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc.  Underwritten in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company and in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company.  

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POSTED: | BY: Erik


They paid what they agreed to in the policy and tokk care of me and my DOG!!!

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POSTED: | BY: Krisite Arend

Great, fast service

This is the first time we've had pet insurance and so far it paid off and been a good experience. They are quick to respond to claims without a lot of red tape to dig through!

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POSTED: | BY: Erica


hello there. I love love love trupanion. So far they are great. They cover 90% of the bill. But do not cover yearly vaccinations, the initial vet fee to check out your pet ie. mine is $47.00, and they also in canada do not cover the taxes which is unfortunate, but their reason behind it is justifiable. We took our dog in on a monday and after faxing off the paperwork that day I recieved an email stating it had been recieved and will be reviewed. That thursday I got an email saying that it have been processed along with the break down of whats covered, whats not, and how much the cheque will be made out for. And the following monday (just one week later) I got the cheque in the mail. Very very impressed. Thanks Trupanion.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Amy Musgrave


I joined Trupanion and have not regretted it. My dog came down with persistent pneumonia a few months after becoming insured. I was slightly concerned about submitting a claim so early, but Trupanion paid 90% of his fees, totaling approximately $3000, no deductible. It was simple, fast, and fair. We aren't out of the woods yet with his pneumonia, but it gives me great peace of mind that I can give him the care he deserves and that Trupanion is an honest insurance company. An insurance company with integrity, who knew!

out of 10


Competent and pleasurable experience

Ive never had pet insurance before.So happy I chose Trupanion as mine. Customer service, phone manners, helpfulness Call backs, claim service and timely payments IMPECCABLE!!! Don't look any further, TRUPANION ROCKS!

Monthly Cost

Monthly cost varies due to multiple factors including: species, breed, age at enrollment, gender, and zip code. Monthly premiums do not automatically increase just because your pet has a birthday or just because you file a claim.  


90% coverage for all new injuries and illnesses—once the deductible is met, Trupanion pays 90% of the remaining invoice.

Coverage for all hereditary and congenital conditions, as well as hip dysplasia without any additional waiting periods.

Alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, are available under the Recovery and

Complementary Care Rider.

Trupanion pays off the invoice, no “usual & customary” limits and has the ability to pay your veterinarian directly and in as little as 5 seconds. You simply pay your portion at check-out and Trupanion works with your veterinarian directly to take care of the rest. Needs* varies by state disclaimer.


Payout Limits

Unlimited lifetime coverage with no payout limits or caps.


Offers a flexible deductible from $0 – $1000, to fit any budget.

A lifetime, per condition deductible meaning that once the deductible is met for a condition is met you policy begins paying out at 90% for anything related to that condition for the rest of your pet’s life. *This is great for chronic conditions that can span the entirety of a pets life such as allergies or cancer.

Age Limits

Pet must be at least 8 weeks old and under 14 years old to enroll.

Once enrolled, pets stay insured regardless of age and coverage will not change.

Can enroll your pet from birth until their 14th birthday.


Waiting Period

Coverage begins 30 days after date listed on policy.



Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Alternative therapies are available for an extra amount.

Terms and conditions apply, please see for full coverage details.  Trupanion is a registered trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc.  Underwritten in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company.


Trupanion’s biggest differentiator is that they can pay your veterinarian directly and in as little as 5 minutes. With the vet direct pay option, there is no waiting weeks for reimbursement. You simply pay your portion of the bill and Trupanion takes care of the rest, working directly with your veterinarian. Trupanion offers one simple plan that pays 90% of actual veterinary costs for eligible claims once your deductible for that condition is met and offers unlimited lifetime coverage with no payout limits or caps.  

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