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Updated: November 13, 2023

As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. Learn more about Nationwide’s plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Andrea Price


I started with VPI in December 2014 with a 4 month old Llhasa Apso puppy. Was skeptical at first, felt it was too good to be true. But after just two vet visits, I am amazed and very happy with the insurance so far! I have been reimbursed for my dog's shots, not to mention full reimbursement of $310.50 for neutering and dental! My vet kindly submits the easy 1 page claim form for me. I usually here from VPI within 2 days of that with an e-mail, followed by a check shortly after that! My puppy is wagging his tail for your fantastic customer service! Thank You VPI....

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POSTED: | BY: Michelle Dunbar

Thank you, VPI!!

We have two pitbulls, and signed up with VPI about a year ago. Little did we know that just a little over a year later, our youngest would be diagnosed with a tumor that required the removal of her tail. VPI covered every claim I submitted for every last penny, and turned what could have been a financial disaster (or worse yet, an emotional one), into a stress-free situation. Thank you again, VPI!

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POSTED: | BY: Nanette

Very thankful for our vets and VPI

My Great Dane developed Gastris Dilation and Volulus (commonly called Bloat). I am very thankful for the vets who care for our furry and feathered animal friends. I'm also very grateful for the easy claim forms and quick response from VPI. It's wonderful to have kind people in the world. Thank you from my heart.

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POSTED: | BY: Shelly

Happy to know I have a Pet Insurance that works

I have had VPI Pet Insurance for at least 14 years. I have never had an issue with submitting or payment of a claim and have and will continue to recommend this insurance for other pet owners.

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POSTED: | BY: Kay Whittle

Very Satisfied!

We have always had St. Bernards and at the present time, we have two. The thing they all had in common is they are Saints and they are insured with VPI. Our first St. had to have two knee surgeries and both went very well both for our Saint and how VPI handled the claim. Tobi our female we have now was hit by a snowmobile when she was 7 months old, breaking her back right leg badly. The surgery could only be handled by a specialist (if she ever would have any hope of it growing properly or being able to walk on it). After all was said and done the vet bills were about $6,000, VPI paid just over $4,000 of her claim. They were a life saver. Our girl is perfect now and has not trouble with her leg! A few months ago both our female and male (JJ & Tobi) got into something that made them very sick and our vet thinks they had mold poisoning. Again, their vet bills were significant, but VPI came through and paid a significant portion of the bills and in a timely manner. Pet owners, it is a no brainer, get your pet insured. It gives you a great sense of comfort knowing that if something happens you will be able to get them the care they need. We will never not have this insurance.

Monthly Cost

Policies start at approximately $12 per month.


Nationwide offers a variety of plans offering varying levels of coverage. The company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness, offers 90% reimbursement for accident, injury, illness and wellness care, inclusive of exam fees. All Nationwide members have complimentary 24/7 access to vethelpline.

Payout Limits

Depending on the plan selected, there may be annual benefit limits or per incident benefit allowances. There is no annual limit for the company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness.


Annual deductibles range from $0 to $1,000. Most popular annual deductible for Whole Pet with Wellness is $250.

Age Limits

No age restriction to enroll in company’s most popular plan, Whole Pet with Wellness. Other plans may have age restrictions.

Waiting Period

14-day waiting period after application approved and payment of premium is received.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered on any plans (if a condition is curable, it may be eligible for review if pet remains treatment-free for at least six months). Whole Pet with Wellness covers nearly all veterinary expenses. Notable exclusions include boarding and grooming.
Since 1982, Nationwide has helped pet owners protect what matters most. As the largest provider of pet health insurance in the U.S., Nationwide currently insures over 600,000 dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets for medical conditions related to illnesses, injuries accidents and wellness care. In 2015, it introduced Whole Pet with Wellness, the only U.S. pet health insurance plan offering complete coverage for injuries, accidents, illnesses and wellness care. Policies range from nose-to-tail coverage to routine pet care plans that offer reimbursement for wellness exams and preventive treatments.

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