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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance offers one simple plan that covers accidents and illnesses and includes unlimited annual and lifetime payouts. They support hundreds of pet rescues and animal shelters through their Every Quote Gives Hope™ medical grant program. Learn more about Healthy Paws’ plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Doris

Healthy Paws keeps its promises!!!

Quite unexpectedly I ended up rescuing my little Ziggy in September who was destined for certain euthanization because he tested positive for heart worms. A couple of weeks later, I got an email from advertising the relatively new HealthyPaws insurance. Many years ago, an experience with pet insurance was horrendous, so I was wary, but on a whim I decided to obtain a quote, which I found to be reasonable. After talking with a representative, who was upfront and honest about coverage and pre-existing conditions for Ziggy and my other dog, Foxie, I decided to give it a try. And I am SO glad I did! Ziggy developed a lump above his elbow only about 2 months later, and it was diagnosed as mast cell cancer. Jen from HealthyPaws has been absolutely wonderful and answered any and all of my questions. I was assured that his care and treatment - whatever that would be - would be covered. Today, 1/03/11, less than 3 weeks following the initial discovery, I have received reimbursement for all expenses at the 80% rate I opted for when I signed up. I can't say enough good about this company! Best of all? The prognosis is great for Ziggy! I am so very glad I can consider only Ziggy's well-being and not finances - thanks to HealthyPaws!

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POSTED: | BY: Kevin Kelley

Think Twice if You're Considering Healthy Paws!

According to the Healthy Paws web site, the company covers up to 90% of the cost of treatments and provides coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions. REALLY??? This was NOT my experience! I recently adopted two special needs puppies. Kobi, a mixed breed, was born blind (congenital condition) and I have taken him to the opthamologist at Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston TWICE in his young life of 7 months old now. Both times his tests were normal, including intra-ocular pressures, and there have not been ANY signs of glaucoma, cataracts, conjunctivitis, uveitis, dry eye or any other eye condition that requires treatment. He is blind...that's it. He is on NO medications for his eyes or anything else. Because he is congenitally blind from malnutrition of his mother which caused impairment of his eye development and resulting blindness, I was told by a Healthy Paws representative that they would not cover ANY eye issues. Really? Healthy Paws advertises that it covers congenital conditions! And while I understand that it does not cover pre-existing conditions, Kobi has NONE, outside of blindness. So I could understand if they wouldn't cover an operation to restore his sight (which the opthamologist already told me does not exist), but I cannot understand why the company has determined that it will not cover ANY eye problems. He has no pre-existing or current eye issues as I mentioned. After the "waiting period," the company will cover hip dysplasia in breeds known to

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POSTED: | BY: Larry Miller

Unbeliveable customer service....

As luck would have it my dog had to get eye surgery the first day he became eligible. I called Healthy Paws immediately and was welcomed by a very helpful person. I told her about the surgery and asked if I would be covered. She took my information down and returned my call in twenty minutes. From the information I gave her it looked as if I was going to be covered. By the way I received this customer support on a Saturday afternoon. Now the bad news... After they reviewed my dogs records, we realized it was a preexisting condition. I was not aware that he had this condition in his eye. Although, I was disappointed, the information they had was correct. However, Healthy Paws did not just shuffle me away. They called me to find out if there was any more information that could help my case. They even called my vet to speak with them, looking for something that can help my case. At the end I did not get paid on my claim. But, Health Paws tried everything they can do. They went the extra mile trying to help me and treated me with respect and honesty. In the world we live in today that was very comforting. It also took some of the sting out of not having my claim paid. I still receive emails and phone calls asking how my dog is doing. This is truly a great company that cares about you and your pet.

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Healthy Paws is the BEST!!!

STOP!! If you are looking to insure your pet, then you need to stop looking at other options and sign up with Healthy Paws! I spent days, really weeks, researching the best way to insure our new baby and until I talked to Jen at Healthy Paws I was more confused with each call I made and less then impressed with any company. Sadly most these companies repeat the dreaded recording “monitored for quality control”. Healthy Paws doesn’t need to police their reps, because they hire the right people in the first place! They hire vet techs so you get the right answer, the SAME answer every time. They are experts and know what they are talking about, without referring to a script or cheat sheets. They answer your questions with knowledge and integrity and with CARE! I talked to Jen the day before I had our little girl spayed, I didn’t sign up that day because I was preoccupied with the surgery our pup was going to be going through. Jen sent me an email (keep in mind this was BEFORE I was a client) and assured me that if my vet was unreachable over the weekend to give Healthy Paws a call, because with their background they may be able to help. That’s all I needed to read to stop looking and hand over my peace of mind to this group of fine folks that cared about me and my dog before they needed to. I have been so impressed with each conversation I have had with this group, and as they told me when I signed up, it was their pleasure answering all my new pet parent

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POSTED: | BY: Barbara Peschl


We have two animals, a dog (mini Schnauzer) and a cat. For years we have gone through half a dozen of the preferred pet insurance companies, each one worse than the one before. Our last nightmare was with VPI, purportedly a "great" pet insurer, if you have been with them, as we were, you would think differently - HORRID (in a word). Finally found Healthy Paws through a friend, and we are DELIGHTED by this organization. Not only do they quickly process claims, but they are honest, based their business on integrity and equally, if not even more important is that they contribute to rescue animals. So, this organization is not only a GREAT insurance company, they care. Don't waste your time, energy and MONEY by going to every other pet insurer that is out there, we've done that and they are almost all garbage. This company is the real deal; no games, no lies, no loopholes...just an honest company that cares about animals (yours, mine and everyone's). Get this coverage today! You will NOT regret it, we don't!!

Monthly Cost

$15 – $90, depending on breed, zip code, age of pet and choice of deductible and co-pay.


One plan covers accidents, illnesses, cancer, emergency care, genetic conditions, alternative care and more.

You can choose a co-pay of 10%, 20%, 30% or 40%.

The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill.

Payout Limits

No per incident, annual or lifetime pay-out limit.


You can choose an annual deductible of $100, $250, $500 or $750*

*Choice depends on age of the pet

Age Limits

Pets must be at least 8 weeks old and under 14 years old at time of enrollment.

Once enrolled, pets can stay insured regardless of age.

Waiting Period

Coverage begins 15 days after your policy starts. There is a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia claims.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Hereditary and congenital conditions are covered, however hip dysplasia is only covered in pets who enroll before they are 6 years old.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance was rated the best pet insurance company by customers in 2015, 2016 and 2017 at,, and other leading review sites. Healthy Paws has one simple plan that covers accidents and illnesses with no per incident, annual or lifetime payout limits. Their goal is to offer the best coverage possible while still keeping plans affordable. With each pet insurance quote submitted, Healthy Paws makes a donation to one of hundreds of pet rescues and animal shelters through its Every Quote Gives Hope™ medical grant program.

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