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Founded by veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens, Pets Best insures cats and dogs in every state and has paid nearly $150 million in claims since 2005. is recommended by veterinarians across the U.S. Learn more about Pets Best plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Joshua Pinkos

Poor coverage. Poor experience.

My veterinarian diagnosed my dog with hypothyroidism a year after purchasing this insurance. She had never been seen, treated, or diagnosed with this in the past. I filed claims totaling over $1000 for visits, test, treatment, and medications. The claim representative(s) claimed this was a preexisting condition since my dog had been seen for a skin infection prior to me purchasing this insurance. My veterinarian wrote a letter to the claim representative stating that the skin infection and hypothyroidism were no related and provided dates, which were within the policy period, in which my dog had been seen for the new illness. My claim continued to be denied with no expenses covered. The ease of claim submission does not outweigh the lack of coverage. I would not recommend this insurance to anyone, and I plan to cancel my policy.

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POSTED: | BY: Frank Ready


Petsbest will use any excuse to denie any claim. Response time can take months. Stay away from this company !!!

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POSTED: | BY: Floyd Pruitt

Jax, a veterinarian’s dream

My boy Jax swallowed kids toys one month, a month later we had the whole house hated off where he didn’t have access to the kids toys…so he decided to eat the wife’s underwear and socks🤦‍♂️ can’t make this stuff up. Either way they fixed him both times at the veterinary office, both times claims paid within a reasonable amount of time! 10/10 would purchase again for future pups!

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POSTED: | BY: Jeff Merkling

Pets Best Exceeds Expectations!!!

We have two yellow labs, 7-1/2 months of age. I chose Pets Best since the reviews were positive and I am a Farmers Ins customer also. I loved the fact that Pets Best allowed me to customize the level of insurance to meet our needs. Really flexible. We chose a deductible, coverage and premium that we were comfortable with. In the short time we’ve had our labs, each of them has had an emergency care situation. It was very comforting to know we would have some assistance in the costs for these events. Submitting a claim was so easy! Response and communication was prompt. Reimbursement was was right on time! Can’t imagine anything better! Very happy!

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POSTED: | BY: Carrie S

Emergency Visit

After my kitten had exploratory surgery I was very stressed out not only caring for him but it was an expensive experience. I filed a claim with Pets Best, it was easy and fast. I highly recommend them!

Monthly Cost

$6 and up, depending on your chosen plan.


Accident and Illness plans with optional reimbursement levels of 70%, 80%, or 90% after the deductible.

Flat Rate Accident coverage for $9/month for dogs and $6/month for cats. (Available in most states).

Two optional Wellness plans to cover routine care.

24/7 Pet Helpline, powered by whiskerDocs is included on all policies.

The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill.

Payout Limits

$5000 -Unlimited annual limit, depending on your chosen plan.

Unlimited lifetime limits.


$50 – $1,000 annually.

Age Limits

Pet must be at least 7 weeks old to enroll.

Pets Best does not restrict coverage or availability for older pets.

Waiting Period

Waiting periods are based on the effective date, usually the day after enrolling:

14 days for illness claims

3 days for accident claims

0 days for routine care


Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Elective and preventive procedures are not covered.

Pets Best was founded by veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens, whose passion for saving pets led him on a mission to provide access to comprehensive, yet affordable, animal healthcare. Pets Best offers pet insurance for dogs and cats in every state and has paid nearly $150 million in claims since 2005. Pets Best is rated 9.6 out of 10 (TrustPilot) and is recommended by veterinarians across the U.S. Built upon a legacy of innovation, it focuses on putting customers first by offering unlimited accident and illness plans, wellness plans, a mobile app, a 24/7 Pet Helpline (powered by whiskerDocs), and more.

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