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As one of Fortune magazine’s 2022 “World’s most admired companies,” MetLife is proud to have helped people protect what matters to them for 100+ years. MetLife Pet Insurance continues that tradition with a dedicated team of pet advocates who have been passionately serving pet parents for over 15 years. MetLife Pet Insurance offers pet parents an exceptional product from a best-in-class insurer at an affordable price — focused on flexible product offerings, competitive rates, and innovative policy benefits.

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POSTED: | BY: Lisa Schaffer

Quick and Efficient service whilst grieving my pet

My beautiful Zorro passed away a few months ago due to trauma he experienced. Submitting my claim for all the vet fees was quick and easy online. My claim was approved within 48 hours and my claim paid out 48 hours later. I was surprised at how smoothly the whole process went. I also adjusted my policy to include some other rescues we got, and the lady Cathy was experiencing computer issues, but she called me back the next day and again to ensure that everything was loaded and in place for all the furbabies. What excellent service! I recommend Metlife Pet Insurance to anyone.

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POSTED: | BY: Tierra Smith

Pretty good company

Overall the experience was wonderful but when it comes to claims there needs to be clarity that this insurance company only reimburse you $500 for the 30 day coverage and not 100% as explained to me when I first signed up! But outside of that everyone was great.

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POSTED: | BY: Fred Francis

Great insurance

Great sign up person. Payed all costs after deductible. I rate them A+

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Terrible experience and terrible…

Terrible experience and terrible customer service. Be warned - there is a 14 day wait period before illness coverage pays for any claims, which is apparently in the fine print. The day I purchased coverage was not the day it started (mine started a day later). The claims examination process took approx. 20 days - twice as long as they claim most claims adjudications take. They entered the wrong date of service, had me running back to my vet to get additional documentation for the visit and then after 20 long days, the first rep said the claim was denied because it was not a covered service and the second rep said i couldn’t get reimbursed because I was in the 14 day wait period. Either way, the customer service is sub par (the rep in the chat function just deserted the chat mid way and stopped responding after giving me inaccurate information), I did not get a copy of the policy in the mail, I got an email with a link to the policy which didn’t work. So I downloaded the app, again no way to see the policy. So if you don’t scroll down to the very bottom when you sign up to read the fine print, you might not know about the wait period. It‘s deceptive in my opinion and the defensive tone of their customer dis-service really soured it. Needless to say, I am cancelling my policy and going with a company that doesn’t mistreat me as a customer, has a fair and transparent claims process and appreciates my concern and efforts as a pet owner.

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POSTED: | BY: Maria Bermejo

Satisfied Client

They made my first time submitting a claim a very pleasant & easy experience. One satisfied client here.

Monthly Cost

Plans can start at just $29


Customizable reimbursement rates from 70% to 100% of vet costs.

Payout Limits


Customizable deductibles from $50-$500

Age Limits

No upper age limits. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

Accident – policy effective date (1 day waiting period); Illness – 14 days


Protect your pet’s health and your wallet with MetLife Pet Insurance. Plans can start at just $29 and you can easily customize your deductible and reimbursement rates so it works for you. WIth a hassle-free claims process, convenient mobile app, and reimbursement in less than two weeks, it’s easy to take the best care of your pet. Get a quote in two minutes or less!

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