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As one of Fortune magazine’s 2022 “World’s most admired companies,” MetLife is proud to have helped people protect what matters to them for 100+ years. MetLife Pet Insurance continues that tradition with a dedicated team of pet advocates who have been passionately serving pet parents for over 15 years. MetLife Pet Insurance offers pet parents an exceptional product from a best-in-class insurer at an affordable price — focused on flexible product offerings, competitive rates, and innovative policy benefits.

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POSTED: | BY: Colton Diaz

All do NOT use MetLife

All do NOT use MetLife. We signed our dog up for MetLife after a few months of her being off insurance. We took her for a routine checkup and they found an issue with my pets hips. Insurance said it was pre existing. How would we know it's pre existing? Cancer is Pre existing along with anything else. Don't waste your time and money with this company. Company also owes me money from 4 months ago that they never caught and I have yet to receive it.

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POSTED: | BY: Adam Smith

Amazing Pet Insurance.

Hello to everyone out there, I got MetLife Pet Insurance through my company's offering, and it is very safe to say that I am so happy that I did. I could not ask for a better Pet Insurance Company. I took my puppy to a vet due to his not eating and pooping diarrhea and a little blood and the vet cost me a little over a thousand dollars. I made a claim for the vet bill and within approx. 10 days, they sent me a check for almost $900. I cannot imagine what I would do without my insurance. Especially in these tough times. I strongly suggest you guys check MetLife out. Take care!

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VETERINARIAN: Ashland Animal Hospital

POSTED: | BY: Patricia O Alexander

"Finally a Pet Insurance you can TRUST"

I have Met Life health insurance on my job and there was an opportunity through my job to get Pet Insurance. I am so glad that you offer pet insurance. I am extremely pleased with the ease of submitting claims and the reimbursement process for myself and my vet.

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POSTED: | BY: Dianne Kleffner


The claim process was easy and I did it all on my phone with electronically with no waiting on the phone got a response within a few days

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VETERINARIAN: South Trail Animal Hospital

POSTED: | BY: Robin Baum

Best insurance policy for your pet

Before selecting insurance for my dog, I contacted seven different companies. I asked the questions that most people want to know. What was covered? Cost? Turn around on reimbursement. And overall I looked at all the reviews of each and every company I found that met life was one of the best rated of all the companies. My daughter-in-law works for a competitor company and tried to talk me into working out to deal with her but I told her that her company didn’t pay for everything that MetLife paid for and the compensation turnaround time and cost was 100% better, she understood and said you’re right but I do have a job here so I have to do what I need to do to try to convince you so if you’re looking for an insurance I’ve done all the paperwork, the bookwork and the legwork

Monthly Cost

Plans can start at just $29


Reimbursement for up to 90% of vet costs.

Payout Limits


Customizable deductibles from $50-$500

Age Limits

No upper age limits. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

Accident – policy effective date (1 day waiting period); Illness – 14 days


Protect your pet’s health and your wallet with MetLife Pet Insurance. Plans can start at just $29 and you can easily customize your deductible and reimbursement rates so it works for you. WIth a hassle-free claims process, convenient mobile app, and reimbursement in less than two weeks, it’s easy to take the best care of your pet. Get a quote in two minutes or less!

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