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Fetch offers the most comprehensive pet insurance Get paid back up to 90% on unexpected vet bills Save $25 or more with quarterly or annual payments $1000 in online vet visits included at no extra cost Protecting 370,000+ dogs and cats (and counting) & rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot Exam fees are included which saves you $50-$250 per sick visit No enrollment fee – cancel anytime. Fetch covers hereditary conditions at no extra cost Fetch covers injury and disease in every adult tooth – not just the canines Use any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada Fetch covers what other providers charge extra for or don’t cover at all

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POSTED: | BY: B Murphy

Ilona was great

Ilona was great - went through options with me and explained the pros and cons with each choice. She was gracious, kind and professional. I must say that all of their reps are very good and do a great job. Thanks Ilona for your assistance and knowledge.

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POSTED: | BY: Brooke

Need Records

Be sure to read your policy! The first time my dog had an illness, I had to provide the SOAP for his two prior visits (he was a puppy) to show he had no pre-existing conditions (even though what he was seen for couldn't have been pre-existing). Fine, no biggie. He had another claim since then and it was paid with no issues. Despite the two claims, there wasn't a huge increase in premiums.

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POSTED: | BY: Ronald Urban

Purchasing per insurance

Today We purchased pet insurance for our dog. Ilona was very knowledgably and helpful explaining all of our options in choosing coverage best suited for us. She made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions. She gave us advice that made our decision easy.

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POSTED: | BY: Donna Merino


This is the first time I have ever purchased pet insurance. Janelle was very patient and helpful. Answered my questions honestly. I will definitely update this review as I use the policy

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POSTED: | BY: Carol

Being a first time puppy owner

Being a first time puppy owner with many questions, I found Janelle to be very knowledgeable and helpful with all my questions. By the time I finished signing up for insurance for my new puppy I was very satisfied and confidant I made the right choice.

Monthly Cost

Plans average $35/month for dogs and $25 /month for cats


You choose a reimbursement level of 70%, 80% or 90% after your deductible.

Payout Limits

Annual limit of $5,000, $10,000 or unlimited depending on your chosen plan.


$250, $300 and $500

Age Limits

Fetch doesn’t enforce upper age limits, so you can enroll your pet any time after it turns six weeks old. Some providers limit coverage for older pets to accident-only. Fetch doesn’t limit coverage by age so that you can get the right care for your buddy, no matter what.

Waiting Period

Fetch’s waiting periods are 15 days for accidents and illnesses and six months for orthopedic events.


Fetch won’t cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, boarding costs, breeding costs, wellness care items, or accidents and illnesses that occur during waiting periods.
Fetch by The Dodo brings together insurance industry expertise and the animal-loving sensibility of The Dodo. It’s the only pet insurance recommended by the #1 animal brand in the world, The Dodo

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