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Fetch offers the most comprehensive pet insurance Get paid back up to 90% on unexpected vet bills Save $25 or more with quarterly or annual payments $1000 in online vet visits included at no extra cost Protecting 370,000+ dogs and cats (and counting) & rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot Exam fees are included which saves you $50-$250 per sick visit No enrollment fee – cancel anytime. Fetch covers hereditary conditions at no extra cost Fetch covers injury and disease in every adult tooth – not just the canines Use any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada Fetch covers what other providers charge extra for or don’t cover at all

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POSTED: | BY: Linda C.

Fetch Came Thru for Daisy!

Our mini Schnauzer, Daisy, got really sick very suddenly. Before it was over, we saw three different vets and had lots of tests. Finally, we got some medication that has helped and she is doing well. We had no problem filing claims with Fetch and the claims were paid in what I consider to be a very acceptable amount of time.

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POSTED: | BY: Jesika Pierre Louis

I want to give a shout out to Adam Altman

I want to give a shout out to Adam Altman he was super attentive, understanding and calming. He was able to make a very stressful situation into a easy solution. Was able to solve my problem with ease and was willing to listen and answer any concerns I had with my policy even though I may have been a little talkative. Adam definitely deserves the recognition for what he does everyday and genuinely seems happy to do so. Five stars!!

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POSTED: | BY: Sandi

My claim was for my Newfoundland Hope

My claim was for my Newfoundland Hope. She is six years old. I purchased pet insurance on her when I got her at 13 weeks. Have never filed a claim until now. She tore her ACL, she's a big girl and we had complications from the repair requiring her to have to be readmitted two different times. After some frustration with obtaining the needed paperwork Fetch was very prompt in paying each one of these, the assessment for surgery, the surgery, and the readmissions. It made it just a little easier taking her back for the extra medical attention. I am glad we have Fetch.

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POSTED: | BY: Nonie Vantlin

Fantastic company

Fetch/PetPlan handled the claims I filed on my kitty promptly, an d very efficiently. They kept me informed and did an awesome job. I highly recommend them. Although I liked their name when it was PetPlan.

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POSTED: | BY: Gail Willumsen

Simple and fast!

The process of filing a claim could not have been simpler, and the refund came quickly.

Monthly Cost

Plans average $35/month for dogs and $25 /month for cats


You choose a reimbursement level of 70%, 80% or 90% after your deductible.

Payout Limits

Annual limit of $5,000, $10,000 or unlimited depending on your chosen plan.


$250, $300 and $500

Age Limits

Fetch doesn’t enforce upper age limits, so you can enroll your pet any time after it turns six weeks old. Some providers limit coverage for older pets to accident-only. Fetch doesn’t limit coverage by age so that you can get the right care for your buddy, no matter what.

Waiting Period

Fetch’s waiting periods are 15 days for accidents and illnesses and six months for orthopedic events.


Fetch won’t cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, boarding costs, breeding costs, wellness care items, or accidents and illnesses that occur during waiting periods.
Fetch by The Dodo brings together insurance industry expertise and the animal-loving sensibility of The Dodo. It’s the only pet insurance recommended by the #1 animal brand in the world, The Dodo

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