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Updated: May 29, 2024

Embrace Pet Insurance offers nose-to-tail accident and illness protection and an additional Wellness Rewards program. Its diminishing deductible feature, Healthy Pet Deductible™, is included with every policy as standard. Learn more about Embrace’s plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Jane Begin

Helpful claim reps

We have had 3 claims with Embrace for our 4 year old Viki. I have always found the reps to be considerate of the pet and efficient in getting the refund to us. They keep us well informed and are ready to answer any questions we have. Embrace came highly recommended to me by my vet!

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POSTED: | BY: Patricia Lee

So quick and helpful!

Embrace contacted my vet and took care of breaking out the different parts of my claim which I really appreciated! Thanks for the quick and great service!

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POSTED: | BY: Cynthia Mattern

Quick, courteous, and friendly customer service!

This is the third time I have sent in a claim for my 12 month old German Shepherd.... all for Wellness! I have received $400 for the $300 I spent on the insurance! The customer service was quick to respond with an email on the status of the claim, and is always helpful when I have questions. I have had horse insurance for over 30 years and nothing compares to the quick turnaround of a claim to holding the check in my hand, as Embrace has demonstrated!

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POSTED: | BY: Angela

So glad to have Embrace Insurance! Thank U!

I strongly recommend using Embrace. I am very satisfied!

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POSTED: | BY: Sarah Haas

Very happy with Embrace!

I took Amy, my pug, in to my vet for some routine vacinations and during the visit, some other issues were found. Not knowing how submit the charges, I submitted my claim as a Wellnes Rewards claim. Once received, the Embrace representative, Sonya Harris, was kind enough to separate the the charges in to two claims (one for Wellnes and for the other issues. The claims were then processed, by representative, Laura Bennett. Though it took some extra time due to the separation of the claims, I was kept informed as to the status several times. After the claims were approved I received my Wellness refund with three days. I have been very impressed with the efficiency with how my wellness and ilnnes claims have been processed. The representatives have been awesone! I have peace of mind knowing that Embrace will be there for Amy and me!

Monthly Cost

$13 – $100, depending on your chosen plan.


You have a co-pay of 10%, 20% or 30% after your deductible, depending on your chosen plan. The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill.

Payout Limits

Annual limit of $2000, $5000, $10,000 or $15,000.


Annual deductible options from $100 – $1,000.

Age Limits

Pet must be at least 6 weeks old to enroll. New pets over 14 are eligible for accident-only coverage. Once enrolled, pets can stay insured regardless of age.

Waiting Period

There is a two-week illness waiting period, which begins on your policies’ effective date. Orthopedic conditions have additional Waiting or exclusion periods that vary by state.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Hereditary and congenital conditions are covered if they have not been diagnosed or suspected before the policy becomes active. Main plan covers alternative treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathic when provided by a licensed veterinarian. Optional wellness and prescription drug plans are available for an additional cost.
Embrace Pet Insurance protects over 100,000 pets across the U.S. with nose-to-tail accident and illness protection. In addition to its pet insurance policy, Embrace offers a Wellness Rewards program to help cover the cost of routine veterinary care, grooming and training. Its Healthy Pet Deductible™, the industry’s first and only diminishing deductible feature, is included with every policy as standard. For every policy sold, Embrace donates $2 to a pet-related charity, as well as offering additional funding and support to shelters and other charitable organizations.

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