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Embrace Pet Insurance offers nose-to-tail accident and illness protection and an additional Wellness Rewards program. Its diminishing deductible feature, Healthy Pet Deductible™, is included with every policy as standard. Learn more about Embrace’s plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Stephanie Tomasini


I never really paid much attention to obtaining pet insurance because, after working in the Veterinary field, there was never a company that seemed to actually cover what you were paying for. Everything changed when I found out about EMBRACE PET INSURANCE. My husband and I have two Rottweilers about two years old and at 100 lbs. each, they are still our babies! We realize that when you have big dogs, big veterinary bills come right along with them. One day early this year, my husband's Physical Therapist was talking about this great insurance she obtained for her two small dogs. Unfortunately, she had to submit a claim for an intestinal illness. Fortunately, she had obtained pet insurance through EMBRACE and was amazed with the customer service she received and more importantly, the money she was able to get back! It was everything she hoped it would be. She told him that signing up with EMBRACE was the best thing she had ever done. So, my husband came home, we talked about it, and I jumped on the website. I was completely impressed with how informative and thorough the website is about the pet insurance industry and what sets EMBRACE apart from the other companies. The ability to customize a policy made it easy and affordable for us to sign up and secure the health of our beloved pets. Little did we know at the time how much it would mean. Fourth of July weekend 2007, my female, Bella, came in limping. We waited 24 hours to see if it was just a muscle strain, but no, still limping. My vet gave her a shot of steroids and some Rimadyl to see if it would subside. Unfortunately, it didn't. Next stop was to the orthopedic surgeon for an evaluation. Torn ACL. TPLO was the only option. Average surgery here in Florida is between $3000 and $3200. The surgeon talked about the risk to the other knee suffering injury from Bella compensating for the injured leg. We assured ourselves, that we would do everything possible to prevent that from happening, and submitted our Pre-Certification Claim Form to EMBRACE and hoped for the best. I cannot compliment the staff of EMBRACE enough. Every single person I spoke with was kind and compassionate, as well as, professional and efficient. Bella's surgery was successful and I sent in a claim form and the necessary records to EMBRACE. About three weeks later, I received a check. I received full reimbursement minus my $200 deductible and 20% co-pay. Simply amazing. After 12 weeks of rehabilitation, one day we returned from work and our worst fears had come true. She was limping now on the opposite leg. We went back to the surgeon and another ACL tear. We scheduled surgery the next day and submitted a new claim to EMBRACE. Once again, we received full reimbursement minus deductible and co-pay. Bella is now recovering successfully from her second surgery and it will be a wonderful Christmas present to have her 100% healed, walking, and happy! Obtaining EMBRACE pet insurance is the best thing we’ve ever done for our pets and we will never be without it. It is so hard to find a company these days that actually care about the services they provide and more importantly, care about those they are providing services for. Ask your Veterinarian to look into the company and order brochures for the clinic. Your veterinarian can be confident in the care he/she provides and confident that EMBRACE will provide for his/her clients. Thank you EMBRACE!

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POSTED: | BY: Harold F.

Best Pet Insurance on the market.

I took out pet insurance due to the high cost of medical care for pets in the area that I live, and Embrace was the most comprehensive. In addition, one could tailor make it to their needs. It never entered my mind that my pet would develop cancer (at age four), but Embace has covered all costs expeditiously and without question. Their representatives are not only professional but CARING, and go out of their way to assist owners through difficult times. I heartily recommend Embrace to anyone who has a pet.

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POSTED: | BY: Renee

A pleasure

An agent emailed me within days of receiving my claim form and kept me apprised of the status. No hassles or attempts to deny coverage. It's wonderful to be working with such a caring company.

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POSTED: | BY: Frances

Excellent quick service

My claim was dealt with promptly and with good explanation of benefits.

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POSTED: | BY: Alexandra Beauvais

Excellent Customer Service

I am owned by 4 Labrador Retriever's under the age of 3 years and our house can get a bit loud and very energetic at time. Of course injuries can happen as well. Dealing with the staff at Embrace has made claims so much easier then other companies I have dealt with in the past. Everyone is always friendly, communication is easy and replies are fast. Two Thumbs up!

Monthly Cost

$13 – $100, depending on your chosen plan.


You have a co-pay of 10%, 20% or 30% after your deductible, depending on your chosen plan.

The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill.

Payout Limits

Annual limit of $2000, $5000, $10,000 or $15,000.


Annual deductible options from $100 – $1,000.

Age Limits

Pet must be at least 6 weeks old to enroll.

New pets over 14 are eligible for accident-only coverage.

Once enrolled, pets can stay insured regardless of age.

Waiting Period

Coverage begins after 48 hours for accidents. A policy waiting period of 14 days applies for illness claims.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Hereditary and congenital conditions are covered if they have not been diagnosed or suspected before the policy becomes active.

Main plan covers alternative treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathic when provided by a licensed veterinarian.

Optional wellness and prescription drug plans are available for an additional cost.

Embrace Pet Insurance protects over 100,000 pets across the U.S. with nose-to-tail accident and illness protection. In addition to its pet insurance policy, Embrace offers a Wellness Rewards program to help cover the cost of routine veterinary care, grooming and training. Its Healthy Pet Deductible™, the industry’s first and only diminishing deductible feature, is included with every policy as standard. For every policy sold, Embrace donates $2 to a pet-related charity, as well as offering additional funding and support to shelters and other charitable organizations.

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