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Pets Plus Us is a leading Canadian pet insurer whose goal is to help pet owners deal with all the joys and challenges of pet ownership. As well as making vet bills more manageable, Pet Plus Us provides its Blue Ribbon Benefits free with any coverage plan. Learn more about Pets Plus Us plan options, read customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: Michelle

Baby Pom Broke her leg

I recently bought a baby pomeranian home - my very first pet. My brother told me to get insurance because his friends has experienced illness/accidents that costed them a fortune. I decided to look up the reviews of multiple pet insurance companies and decided to settled for PetPlusUs. All i can say is that im truly thankful that i bought insurance early on because my puppy broke her leg within the first month of having her. PetPlusUs was helpful throughout this process on the phone and via email. In the end i was able to get back 80% of my surgery cost back (a check of slightly over 3k!!). My dog is all better now but had to go in for routine xray scans which cost $170 each time and I also recieved 80% of the costs back. Overall a great insurance company with great customer service.

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POSTED: | BY: Mila Araujo

PetsPlusUs paid fast and was AMAZING!

Our little Jack Russel Terrier puppy Jack who had always been in perfect health and pretty god at staying out of trouble, unexpectedly got into a bottle of ibuprofen one evening while we were out to dinner. We discovered the travel sized Advil bottle chewed open and a few pills on the floor, and had no idea what to do. It was too late to call friends, and we didn't know if it was a danger, or if anything was wrong, because our sweet little Jack was jumping around and playful as usual. After trying to find answers online, we were not sure if this was an emergency. We remembered the helpline with our insurance plan and decided to call. They quickly answered even though it was by now 2 am, and asked for some specifics about what happened, they were compassionate and thorough. They then put me on hold while calling the poison control line and came back to confirm this could be really serious, that I should not wait for symptoms to appear and get to a hospital immediately.They were calm and supportive but convincing enough that I figured out where there was a 24 hour hospital and took him in right away. Little did I know that this was a potentially fatal situation. Had I not called them and had their good and thorough advice, Jack may have died. The vet taking him in explained we had two choices get him into treatment right away, which involved immediate admittance and payment, or take him home, however she explained if we took him home by the time symptoms would appear it may be too late. He might be at risk of kidney failure. I was at a loss, knowing we had the insurance in place to back us up financially helped us make sure we got him into immediate treatment, and we were extremely lucky we did at that time. He had in fact been poisoned and several days later, we saw how dangerous this had been. The treatment didn't take after the first 24 hours so we had to run more tests and admit him again for another 3 days. Without our coverage it woudl have been financially devastating. We received the refund for the first hospital visit before Jack had even fully recovered and we received the follow up reimbursement in full within 5 days from submitting them. No questions asked. In addition, during the process I had tweeted PetsPlusUs thanking them for the support and the product, i was so devastated as we waited news of how he was doing, that I didn't know what else to do.

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POSTED: | BY: Sonya

worth every dollar, helpful, accomadating

I recently enrolled my 4 year old bluenose pitbull with PetsPlusUs. The service has been amazing and the staff have been very accommodating. My dog somehow managed to tear her ACL ligament on her right knee. The expenses for the surgery and post-care medications were over $3000.00 . PetsPlusUS covered and paid the veterinary hospital directly and I had to pay the remainder. Apporximately 2 months later, my dog tore her ACL ligament in her other knee, that surgery and post-care cost once again over $3000.00 . Once again, PetsPlusUS paid the veterinary hospital directly and I paid the remainder. The staff have always been helpful and assist in any way possible. I recommend this insurance company to everyone and all my family/friends with pets.

out of 5

POSTED: | BY: Melanie S

So thankful for our Pets + Us coverage!

After two major unexpected veterinary expenses in less than six months, we were so thankful for our Pets + Us Accident & Illness coverage for our cat Dali, and are very happy with the way our claims have been handled. Within the first week of bringing Dali and his sister Kahlo home from their rescue foster home, Dali experienced a fall and fractured his femoral neck (the bone that connects leg to hip). Unfortunately, we had not yet applied for pet insurance, and had to pay these expenses (about $2000) out of pocket. Needless to say, we were quick to get our application in following this unexpected event. We purchased Accident & Illness insurance for both cats, and hoped we wouldn't need to use it anytime soon. However, within a couple months, we noticed that Dali was limping again; this time, it appeared he had an injury on the opposite side. After a visit to our vet, we were told he had fractured his other femoral neck - apparently this injury is common in larger young male cats, which Dali is. We immediately submitted our claim to Pets + Us, requesting pre-approval for Dali's surgery costs (another $2000 bill). Within a few days, I was called by a Pets + Us advocate to inform us that because of Dali's initial injury, which was listed on our policy as a pre-existing condition, our claim would be denied. I was very upset, given this meant another large and unexpected out-of-pocket expense for our family within 6 months of adopting our young cats. After explaining th

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POSTED: | BY: Paul Richard

Tea Tree Oil Poisoning

Thank you very much for processing it so quickly. I thought this would take a lot longer but am pleasantly surprised and relieved that it was taken care of so fast.It's very reassuring. I will have to recommend you to my pet owner friends. I am very happy with the hassle free service. All that was required was Jack's medical history along with the doctor's treatment report

Monthly Cost

$19 – $89, depending on your chosen plan.


You have a co-pay of 10%, 20% or 30%.

The pay-out amount is based on your actual vet bill and includes coverage of exam fees and taxes.

Payout Limits

Annual limit of $5,000, $7,500 or $15,000 annually depending on your chosen plan.


$100 – $700 age-based annual deductible.

Age Limits

Pet must be at least 7 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

Coverage begins after 48 hours for accident claims. A policy waiting period of 14 days applies for illness claims.


Pre-existing conditions are not covered.

All Accident & Illness policies are underwritten upfront so pet owners are aware of any pre-existing conditions that will not be covered prior to making a claim.

Pets Plus Us is a leading Canadian pet insurance provider whose goal is to help pet owners deal with all the joys and challenges of pet ownership. As well as making vet bills more manageable, Pet Plus Us provides their Blue Ribbon Benefits free with any coverage plan. This provides owners with free 24/7 access to PetHelpFone™ and Pet Poison Helpline®, a subscription to Modern Dog or Modern Cat magazine, and more!

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