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Updated: November 13, 2023

Lemonade is a new kind of pet insurance company that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to replace brokers and bureaucracy with bots and machine learning.  They aim for zero paperwork and instant everything, and are obsessed with social good, delighting customers, and pets.

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POSTED: | BY: Carlo Lingoroa

Claim Excellen can say enough good things about the experience

Best experience ever ... customer service was awesome I never believed in pet insurance but have since changed my mind

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POSTED: | BY: Javier Mordillo


Easy process to have my pet insured in just a few minutes. professional service with a great customer services orientation through the app. Pepper and I are delighted to be part of the lemonade family!

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POSTED: | BY: Christine Benko

Amazing insurance

I’ve had insurance for my dog for a few years now & the rates were going up so I switched to lemonade (costs me about $50 a month) Within 2 days of getting the insurance her plan was already active & ready to use. 2 days later I took her to the vet for a checkup & lemonade paid for 80% of my visit & the direct deposit was in my account in under a few days. The plan I had before didn’t offer anything like this, just money towards a deductible. I like that this insurance covers a certain amount of services per year, such as vaccines etc. It definitely helps me save some money for sure. Vet bills add up quick. I’ve also had a wonderful experience using the chat feature before getting the insurance & after having it. Everyone is sweet, responds quickly & professionally. Overall I’m very happy with this company 😀

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POSTED: | BY: Alexandre Molcard

Easy to process claims

I made a few claims through the Lemonade app. It is extremely user friendly to raise a claim and each time they got processed quickly. The lemonade staff is very friend and responsive and look out for their customers. They sort through what is covered and what is not without a fuss!

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POSTED: | BY: Jose Salazar

Super reliable and fast!

I’ve had lemonade home insurance for years now. Once offered the option for pet insurance I jumped on the opportunity. We’ve had a couple claims not, for vaccines ect. And we had a review and reimbursement within a day! Super happy with them and looking forward to the future

Monthly Cost

Policies start at $10/Month


Accident and Illness coverage, with optional wellness package at reimbursement levels of 70%, 80%, or 90% after the deductible.

Payout Limits

Lemonade Pet Insurance benefits cap off between $5,000 and $100,000, depending on how users set up their policy.


$100, $250 or $500 annually.

Age Limits

Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll. Lemonade does not terminate coverage for pets as they age.

Waiting Period

All Lemonade pet policies have a series of waiting periods: -2 days for accidents -14 days for illnesses -6 months for cruciate ligament events There is no waiting period for preventative coverage.


Exclusions follow the market standard, so they don’t cover pre-existing conditions; bilateral conditions, dental illness, microchipping; anal gland expression; spaying and neutering; something that happens because of breeding or pregnancy; prescription food; vitamins; and supplements; experimental treatments, or recurring conditions. They will be expanding some of these coverages soon.
Lemonade is a new kind of pet insurance company (they also have renters, homeowners, and term life insurance in the United States, and home policies in Germany, the Netherlands, and France). They use artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to replace brokers and bureaucracy with bots and machine learning, they aim for zero paperwork and instant everything. They’re also a Certified B Corporation TM, and donate unused premiums to nonprofits (including several pet-centric causes) that users select when they sign up. They’re on the CNBC Disruptor list, and ranked at the top among competitors and in the app store. They’re obsessed with social good, delighting customers, and our pets. They’re currently available in these states. Check Lemonade pet insurance out on Instagram: instagram.com/lemonade_pet

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