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How to Celebrate National Pet Day

Posted: 03/25/2024 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Pet care , Top Tips

Did you know April 11th is National Pet Day? Seeing as this annual celebration is right around the corner, you may be wondering how you can celebrate your own fur babies while perhaps also helping those in search of their forever home. Let’s dive into this topic more to discover how to celebrate National Pet Day!

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What Is National Pet Day?

This holiday was created in 2006 to celebrate our fur babies. After all, our pets bring so much joy and devotion to our lives. They bring us comfort on those days when the world feels harsh, and they cheer us up and make us laugh when we’re feeling sad. And for many of us, caring for our pets gives us real purpose and a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Hey, our pups aren’t gonna walk themselves!

What better way to honor our best and most cherished friends than with a national holiday? And as I mentioned, the holiday is also geared toward helping the thousands of dogs and cats that sit in shelters, waiting for a human to adopt them. When we share how amazing our life is with animals in our lives, we encourage others to open their hearts and homes to a pet in need.

How to Celebrate National Pet Day

National Pet Day is on Tuesday, April 11th. But there’s no reason you can’t turn this into a weeklong celebration. The following are some ideas for how you can celebrate your fur babies, but there’s no right or wrong way!

Share Your Images!

One of the best and easiest ways to celebrate your fur babies on National Pet Day is to upload some of their images to your social media pages. The more images you share, the more you will amplify the National Pet Day message. Don’t forget to use the #NationalPetDay hashtag. 

Also, be sure to tag us on IG (@petinsurancereview) and Facebook (@PetInsurance ReviewOfficial) so we can see your fur babies as well!

Support a Shelter or Rescue

All pets deserve to be loved, cherished and celebrated on this national holiday, and that includes those pets in shelters and rescues who are still waiting to be adopted. If you aren’t doing so already, think about supporting your local shelters and rescue centers by donating necessary supplies and/or your time through volunteer efforts. 

You may also consider fostering a pet, or encouraging a loved one to do so. It could be as simple as you reposting a post from your local shelters to amplify their message. You can also give your local shelters a call and ask how you can best support their efforts.

Donate to National Animal Rescue Organizations

If you’re already financially supporting the shelters in your local area and you have some more money to spread around, consider donating to a national animal rescue organization. They can always use more funds to help save more lives.

The following are some of the animal nonprofits to donate to on Nation Pet Day:

  • Best Friends Animal Society
  • The Humane Society of the United States
  • Bissell Pet Foundation
  • RedRover
  • Animal Welfare Institute

If you have a sweet spot for dogs, you may also want to check out the American Kennel Club’s full breed-by-breed directory of rescue organizations. 

Support Pet-Loving Brands That Give Back

One way to celebrate pets throughout the year, is to focus on buying those brands that donate a portion of revenue to pet charities. You can read about some well-known brands that give a portion of proceeds to animal charities here.

Celebrate National Pet Day at Work

You can celebrate your pets at work in a variety of ways. If your company allows, bring your dog to work that day. Also, think about sharing photos of your pets in your company newsletter. And finally, you may want to organize some employees/coworkers to volunteer that day at a local animal rescue. The shelter will get some help and you can get some positive coverage for your company. A win/win!

Just Have Fun

The absolute best way to cherish your pets on National Pet Day is to spend time with them. That’s really all our fur babies want, is to just spend time with us. So be sure to make time that day and all week even to have an adventure with your pet.

If you have a dog, do some research to see what new hiking trails or dog parks are in the area. If you have a cat, get them a new toy or really splurge and buy them a cat tree.

Of course, your dog will also love a new interactive toy that will keep him busy and stimulated for hours when you’re out of the house!

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Enroll Them in Pet Insurance

We believe that the most loving thing we can do for our fur babies is to ensure they will always receive the medical care they need no matter what the price tag. Since most of us are not millionaires, we can struggle paying an unexpected vet bill that is in the thousands of dollars.

A pet insurance plan is there to reimburse you for up to 90% of the vet bill, so you can focus on your fur baby’s health and not worry about cost.

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