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Camping with a Dog 101

Posted: 06/17/2024 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Dog , Pet care , Top Tips

If you’re like most devoted pup parents, you probably want to bring your four-legged companion everywhere you go! And that may include this summer’s camping trips. As much fun as it would be for your entire family to have your fur baby along, there are some things to consider to ensure your pup’s safety and well-being. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of camping with a dog.

Preparing You and Your Dog for Your Camping Trip

There is plenty of thought and consideration that needs to go into taking a dog camping. He or she’ll will come into contact with different environments and situations during your trip, including other dogs, large groups of people, and potentially wildlife.

For these reasons (and more), it’s important to prepare for every possible scenario you can think of so your pup will feel safe and comfortable.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important steps you’ll need to do to prepare you and your fur baby for your upcoming camping trip:

Check Campground Regulations and Guidelines

It’s never a good idea to assume that every campground is pet-friendly. While many do allow well-behaved dogs, some have a no-pet policy. 

 Be sure to select a campground that allows dogs and call them to inquire about their specific pet policy and rules. Some things to ask about:

Aggressive Behavior

Camping is about connecting with loved ones and nature. People and their pets want to get away from it all and relax. Which is why aggressive dogs are not permitted in parks.

If you know your pup does not get along well with other dogs, it’s best to leave them at home with a pet sitter, with a friend or neighbor, or board them at a reputable kennel for their safety as well as the safety of other dogs and pup parents.

Leash Rules

You’ll find most pup-friendly campgrounds have leash requirements for the safety of campers and their pets. These requirements will vary from one campground to the next, so be sure to contact your site to find out the exact rules. The general rule is usually that the leash can be no longer than six feet long (no retractables) to be able to fully control your pup.

Barking Ordinances

No one expects a dog to be completely silent. All dogs bark and most campers and campgrounds are understanding of this. Having said that, if you have one of those barkers that seems to bark all day and night long, this will not be tolerated.

Take Your Dog to the Vet

You’ll definitely want to be certain your dog’s health and wellbeing are a priority. So be sure to schedule an appointment with your vet to:

Up-Date Their Vaccinations

Your dog parks and campgrounds require your dog to be up-to-date on all vaccinations.

Flea and Tick Prevention

There are a lot of creepy-crawly things out in the woods, and you want to keep them from harming your pup. Fleas and ticks are common in and around campgrounds, so be sure to have your dog on a good flea and tick prevention treatment. If you’re not sure of which to choose, ask your vet.


While not a requirement by campgrounds, it is highly recommended that you have your dog microchipped before taking them camping or on any outdoor adventure. Things happen and dogs sometimes get off lead and take off. A microchip can help you have a happy ending and be reunited with your dog.

What to Take When Camping With a Dog?

You don’t want to be miles away from home or the nearest pet store and realize you forgot to bring x, y, z. Make a list of things to pack for your two-legged family members and your four-legged as well. Here are some things we recommend you add to that list:

  • Dog food and a bowl
  • Water bowl
  • Dog treats
  • Prescription medications (if applicable0
  • Stake or tether
  • Extra towels
  • Dog first-aid kit
  • Outdoor-safe toys
  • A leash
  • A current photo
  • Vet records and medical information
  • An attachable ID tag
  • Poop bags

The following are not necessarily essential dog camping items, but they sure can make the trip nice for you and your pup:

  • An outdoor harness
  • A swim-safe leash
  • A doggy daypack
  • Your pup’s bed
  • A dog rain jacket
  • Booties or paw protectant

Have a Trial Run

Camping with a dog means making sure they are comfortable. If your dog has never been camping with you before, it’s a good idea to work your way up to the big event. Consider doing the following to prepare your pup for a camping adventure:

Go for Longer Walks

If you’ll be taking your pup on a lot of daily hikes, and they’re used to short walks around the neighborhood, start extending their walks. This is also a good time to work on some leash training so you can be certain you’ll be in full control. 

Get Social

If your dog is not used to being around other dogs or people that much, it’s a good idea to get them comfortable with new social settings. You might want to schedule a few playdates with other friends and their dogs, or take your dog to the doggie park more often. 

Have a Backyard Campout

Set up a tent or two in the backyard and have a weekend trial run camping trip. Invite some friends over and sit around the fire pit and sleep in the tent all night. The more you can get your dog used to the entire event of camping, the more successful – and fun – your trip will be!

Use Caution While Camping with Your Dog

Preparing your pup as best as you can beforehand will set your trip up for success. But you’ll also want to Keep the following in mind while on your actual adventure:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for wildlife.
  • Remember to pack and bring that first aid kit.
  • Monitor your dog for overheating and be sure to keep them hydrated.
  • Protect their paws from hot pavement, small stones, and broken glass along paths.
  • Make sure your dog has a readable ID tag on their collar and consider getting them microchipped before the trip.

Pet Insurance and Camping – More Delicious Than S’mores

As you can see, camping with a dog is something you really need to prepare for. And one of the best things you can do to prepare for your upcoming trip is to enroll your pup into a pet insurance plan. 

Let’s be honest, even when you are as prepared as you can be, accidents happen. Pet insurance can help you cover the cost of vet care. If you’ve been thinking about pet insurance, now’s a good time to take action.

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