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Updated: November 13, 2023

Fetch offers the most comprehensive pet insurance Get paid back up to 90% on unexpected vet bills Save $25 or more with quarterly or annual payments $1000 in online vet visits included at no extra cost Protecting 370,000+ dogs and cats (and counting) & rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot Exam fees are included which saves you $50-$250 per sick visit No enrollment fee – cancel anytime. Fetch covers hereditary conditions at no extra cost Fetch covers injury and disease in every adult tooth – not just the canines Use any licensed vet in the U.S. or Canada Fetch covers what other providers charge extra for or don’t cover at all

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POSTED: | BY: Gauri Bora

The absolute worst customer service and…

The absolute worst customer service and company. Firstly the supervisor who talked to me on the phone was a horrible person, condescending and mean. This company will look for any ways to deny your claim reimbursement. Go for any other company than this even if it means a higher premium because you’ll be sure to receive your services, not with Fetch. I recently submitted TWO claims, 2 days apart for my pet Joey. They reviewed it initially and asked me for additional medical documents which I submitted. I submitted additional 9 records, his history for the prior 2 years, that’s what they asked. My pet is a 4 year old young dog who has no medical conditions and has been very healthy. Even the medical records and blood work I submitted from the first day of the claim stated he was overall very healthy but was suffering from stomach issues due to either foreign body ingestion or extreme care of gastroenteritis. Their 15 day thing is incorrect. I had to literally be on their chat every day to get an update just for both of my claims which are days apart to be denied. Reason: “ This policy does not cover: mm. Any amount if you failed to satisfy, or comply with, the conditions set forth in the GENERAL CONDITIONS, CARE FOR YOUR PET (VII.6) section of this policy. Including, but not limited to condition b. if your pet has not been examined by a veterinarian within six (6) months prior to the effective date of the policy, you must arrange to have your pet examined at your own expense within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the policy. Any medical condition(s), clinical sign(s), behavioral disorder(s) or illness(es) observed or recorded during the first exam, and all costs associated therewith, are automatically excluded from coverage. Your failure to have a first exam of your pet may void the policy. If voided, the policy premium will be refunded. Additionally, any conditions that are related to, caused by, or resulting from medical condition(s), clinical sign(s), behavioral disorder(s) or illness(es) observed or recorded at the first exam performed after the effective date of the policy are also excluded from coverage” I talked to customer service and the supervisor is literally one of the worst people I’ve talked to like do you really have no heart for pet parents and I explained that one of his exams was in October 2021, a comprehensive exam from Banfield that stated he was completely healthy. They refused to take that into account because it was not exactly within the 6 month mark. I cited the policy later which clearly says that your policy needs to have 6 month prior record or an examination within 30 days or else it may be voided and your premium reimbursed. I had been paying from May- October for two pets and they never sent me any email regarding this issue and I was like my policy should have just been voided if these are your rules and why was I allowed to pay for so long without any objection from your end. My understanding of the whole situation is that they did this so that they can find any loophole to deny my claim, research Reddit and many customers have been so unhappy with their policies. The supervisor should firstly not even be allowed to be in a customer service role because he was the worst. They won’t reimburse my premium or approve my claim. I’m absolutely distraught because I trusted this dumb company and I would rather pay a higher premium than deal with this company, go with lemonade or healthy paws if you would actually like your pet to be covered and not deal with the worst customer service. Horrible horrible in all ways

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POSTED: | BY: Larry Fuchsberg

Outstanding Claims Handling

My beloved 9 year old cat somehow punctured his neck, and after being unable to get him out from hiding under the bed, I realized he had blood on the fur under his neck. The puncture developed into an infected abscess that burst causing all the blood. Very scary experience, but thanks to a compassionate vet and a pet insurance policy from Fetch by the Dodo, we got through it. All I needed to do was get my cat’s last examination history and invoices for services performed by the vet and upload the documents to Fetch and all the claims for several visits were handled totally electronically. It was fairly easy to initially learn the claims submission process, and everything I sent in was immediately acknowledged and swiftly assigned to a claims examiner. Not only were the claims processed expeditiously but by providing them with my bank information, my claims reimbursement was directly deposited into my checking account on a very timely basis. Fetch lets you choose an initial deductible amount per illness and the percentage of reimbursement, which in my case was 90% per visit, which allows you to tailor your coverage and premium amounts. No nightmarish conflicts, just simple fair reimbursement for wonderful professional care. I would gladly recommend Fetch to anyone that wants to protect their pet by getting quality medical care insurance coverage.

out of 5

POSTED: | BY: Spencer

Getting worse with each experience

Don't explain anything. Always look for the way to pay you the least. If you submit one claim, you can never update or change your policy. You deductible is per renewal period year, not annual so make sure you pay attention to that. They take the deductible out of what they owe you not out of total paid in order to pay you the least amount possible. This has become a scam artist insurance company and I'll be switching asap.

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POSTED: | BY: Martha Shigenobu


Excellent!! Great company! Fair, honest, and superb customer service!

out of 5

POSTED: | BY: Jase Austin Grimm

Compassionate and Helpful

Lindsey was incredibly helpful and compassionate, she understood the complexity of our situation and provided excellent service.

Monthly Cost

Plans average $35/month for dogs and $25 /month for cats


You choose a reimbursement level of 70%, 80% or 90% after your deductible.

Payout Limits

Annual limit of $5,000, $10,000 or unlimited depending on your chosen plan.


$250, $300 and $500

Age Limits

Fetch doesn’t enforce upper age limits, so you can enroll your pet any time after it turns six weeks old. Some providers limit coverage for older pets to accident-only. Fetch doesn’t limit coverage by age so that you can get the right care for your buddy, no matter what.

Waiting Period

Fetch’s waiting periods are 15 days for accidents and illnesses and six months for orthopedic events.


Fetch won’t cover pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, boarding costs, breeding costs, wellness care items, or accidents and illnesses that occur during waiting periods.
Fetch by The Dodo brings together insurance industry expertise and the animal-loving sensibility of The Dodo. It’s the only pet insurance recommended by the #1 animal brand in the world, The Dodo

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