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Updated: May 29, 2024

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance® is committed to making veterinary care more affordable for pet parents. Its Complete Coverage plan covers accidents, injuries and illnesses, and features a simplified reimbursement based on percentage of invoice. Learn more about ASPCA’s plan options, read thousands of customer reviews and get a quote so you can make an informed choice about your pet insurance provider.

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POSTED: | BY: debra swift

ASPCA pet insurance is the best!

Our beagle has been covered by ASPCA insurance for 9 years. He is now 14 years old and has had 2 ACL surgeries , along with stomach X rays which led to a diagnosis and cure of an infection. Without this insurance we would not have able been able to afford the ACL surgeries, Cody would need to be put down as over time he could not walk. 6 years later,he is enjoying a great life , bringing joy to our entire family. There are no nicer people to deal with than the ASPCA staff. Don't delay , we never know what will happen to our pets - they can't tell us it hurts and insurance allows us to get care with less worry. thanks, Thanks, thanks The Swift family and Cody the 14 yr old beagle

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POSTED: | BY: Sandy

Wonderful to work with

I took out this insurance for my malamute when he was a pup. It sure has paid off. He had to have surgery for a torn cruciate ligament. He is almost 4 years old. It sure helped with the cost of the surgery!

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POSTED: | BY: Sara

Thanks for your help!

Our dog Nika seems to be accident prone...nothing happens to our other two dogs but Nika is well known to ASPCA by now. The agents call to check on her progress and to let us know when her claims are processed. We really appreciate the cistomer care we've received.

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POSTED: | BY: Rhonda solorzano

I am grateful for pets health care plan

Tiny is my great dane he is my heart he seems to always be at the vet for something or other I am grateful for the peace of mind I get from pets health care plan I know that if something happens to my baby I can take him to the vet stress free being able to do what my vet recommends and not have to worry about cost I will do what ever it takes to take care of my boy and with a partner like pets health care I can do that I am also pleased that pets health care is part of aspca I love that they help the animals in need I have done many claims and pets health care has always been there for me and my family

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POSTED: | BY: Stephanie Falcone

Highly Recommend!

We have insurance for both of our cats. We have been fortunate not to need it until this year, when one of our guys was diagnosed with FIV. He has probably had it since before we adopted him, and his symptoms quickly became expensive. He is very loved, and we would take care of him no matter what, but it was a huge relief to know we had a financial safety net through his insurance. Our claims have been processed quickly and efficiently, and we have received several phone calls from the office just to see how the little guy was doing. I sent a picture with our most recent claim and got a phone call almost immediately saying how much they enjoyed it. Those personal touches mean a lot in a very stressful time... Knowing that the foundation of this company is a love of animals and having them take true interest in our pets pushes them ahead of other insurance options we explored. I am absolutely thrilled with our entire experience. The combination of excellent coverage, quick reimbursement, and the warmth and compassion of the service team are unparalleled. I recommend this to all my fellow pet parents without hesitation.

Monthly Cost

Rates start at: $10 (for accident only), $16 (Complete Coverage). Rates vary based on species, age, breed, and location.


The pay-out amount is based on the actual vet bill, at a rate pre-selected by the customer: 90%, 80% or 70%

Payout Limits

Annual limits can be set by the customer, ranging from $2,500 to $20,000, including an unlimited option. No lifetime limits.


$100, $250 or $500 annually.

Age Limits

No upper age limits. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to enroll.

Waiting Period

There are no waiting periods for preventive care. Coverage begins 14 days after date listed on policy for accidents, illnesses, and knee/ligament conditions.


Pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures and breeding costs are not covered. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has two Preventive Care plans that can be added to help cover a pet’s wellness care, including annual exams, vaccinations, tests, dental cleanings and flea/heartworm preventive. Preventive Care plans reimburse up to a set amount for each listed treatment. If your pet exhibited symptoms of a knee and ligament condition at any time, prior to enrollment or during a waiting period, all ligament and knee conditions will be excluded. Ligament and Knee are conditions involving a ligament, patella, meniscus or soft tissue disorder of the knee. Accident-Only coverage available.
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance®, provided by Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group through its licensed agency, C&F Insurance Agency, Inc., is committed to improving animal care across the U.S. by making veterinary care more affordable for pet parents. Their Complete Coverage(SM) plan covers accidents, injuries, illnesses and more, and features simplified reimbursement based on percentage of invoice.  Preventive Care is available at an additional cost.

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