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How to Save Money at PetSmart Veterinary Services - San Diego (Sports Arena)

Schedule Regular Vet Visits

One of the best ways to save on vet bills is to prevent expensive health issues before they develop. By scheduling regular wellness checkups, your vet can detect health issues early, helping you to avoid costly treatments and surgeries down the road.

Price Shop for Pet Prescriptions

Oftentimes our fur babies are prescribed human drugs off-label. Your vet is apt to charge more for these medications than you would pay at your local pharmacy. In fact, big-box or chain pharmacies can offer steep discounts. So it’s best to price shop.

Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance providers will pay between 80% and 90% of the vet bill. You can even get coverage for routine care and things like vaccinations and dental cleanings. If you do the math, you’ll most likely find that pet insurance makes financial sense in the long run as well as gives you peace of mind.

How Do You Choose the Right Pet Insurance Provider?

Pet Insurance Review makes it incredibly easy for pet parents to select an insurance provider they feel good about. You can use our handy comparison tool to get the gist of what a company offers. We’ve also collected over 150,000 reviews of insurance companies from real pet parents like you to rank the top providers in the market. Here is the current ranking of each:

Top Pet Insurance Providers of 2024
Rating Provider Total Review
4.4 AKC 889
4.7 ASPCA 11,445
4.9 Embrace 14,311
4.9 Fetch 2,197
4.4 Figo 2,600
4.7 Hartville 164
4.9 Healthy Paws 7,488
4.9 Lemonade 790
3.2 ManyPets 2,173
4.6 MetLife 506
4.8 Nationwide 21,394
4.3 Pet Assure 12
4.7 PetPartners 110
4.5 Pets Best 7,204
4.3 Pumpkin 1,175
4.7 Spot 5,460
4.9 Trupanion 60,328
4.8 Prudent Pet 125

Or, you can simply get a fast quote from multiple providers and go from there.

Thinking of insuring your pet?

Get Quotes & Compare

Getting to Know Your New Vet: Essential Questions to Ask

Choosing a new veterinarian is an important decision for any pet owner. You want to find someone who is competent, compassionate, and a good fit for you and your fur baby. To help you get the most out of your first appointment, here's a list of essential questions to ask your new vet:

Tell me about your experience with [pet type].

Different vets have different areas of specialization. Some are experts with cats, some dogs, some pocket pets, and some horses. Knowing that your vet has vast experience treating your specific type of pet can bring you peace of mind.

How do you handle emergencies?

You must know what to do in case of a pet medical emergency. Inquire what after-hours policy the clinic has, whether they have on-site emergency care available, and if they have a relationship with any nearby emergency animal hospitals.

How do you communicate with pet owners?

Good communication is key to building a trusting relationship with your vet. Ask how they prefer to communicate (phone calls, emails, online portal) and how often you can expect to hear from them.

Are there any breed-specific health concerns I should be aware of?

Some breeds are predisposed to certain health conditions. Knowing what to watch out for can help you catch problems early and get your pet the treatment they need.

Do you have any questions for me about my pet?

This is a great question to ask because the answer will show that the vet is interested in getting to know your pet as an individual and is willing to listen to your concerns.

Bonus question: Can I take a tour of your facility?

Getting a feel for the clinic's environment can help you and your pet feel more comfortable during your visits. Remember, you’re not just looking for a veterinarian, you’re looking for a partnership. Do not be afraid to ask these questions and any others you can think of. Any vet worth their salt will be happy to answer them. Because the more informed you are, the better equipped you'll be to make decisions about your pet's care! And that should be every vet’s top priority.

Reviews from Google

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Mary Soto

Excellent team has taken care of my three pets during many visits to this location. Patient, kind, and gives the best advice for the care, and treatments of each of my pets needs. Scheduling has never been an issue in providing the most efficient care. Dexter, Autumn, and Willow have been provided the most thorough exams to further there best futures. 🐾

posted: 12/21/2023

Ralle Krenitz

Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my fur babies. The staff is so caring and helpful. Dr. Benedek is so thoughtful, patient and knowledgeable. She takes the time to listen to all your concerns.

posted: 03/08/2024

Eileen Byrnes

I was happy with how they treated my dog. I just don't understand why they take in another room for tests and shot.

posted: 05/24/2024

Miriam Kae

Dr. Benedek cares deeply for her patients. She loves animals and is very thorough. We know our cat and dog are in good hands with her!

posted: 12/04/2023

Rhianna Phelps

I am so happy, no, BLESSED to have found this Veterinary Clinic. It's a new clinic, but with very experienced staff. Ignore the fact that there's only one other review currently. It's just cuz they are brand spankin' new! ✨ I have 9 adult cats, and SEVEN we're in need of spay/neuter. I've had trouble booking since COVID, hence why I have more cats than I planned on.. Dr. B helped my family. I was able to book an appointment for THE NEXT DAY to fix ALL SEVEN AT ONCE!! The price was right. The location, right in the middle of the Midway district. Very clean, very professional, and extremely kind and gentle. My fur babies are literally HAPPIER now that they had their experience. The incisions are small and clean. No need for cones at all! No major regimin to follow when they came home either. Bottom line, this is the best Veterinary experience I have had in my entire life. I recommend Dr. B and this clinic to anyone within driving distance. It's worth it. Trust me.. They had their nails trimmed, the poo washed or cut off them (cuz 3 of them literally got the shot scared out of them on the car ride over), deworming shots, etc. These people are excellent what what they do. And they don't charge an arm and a leg either. I will recommend EVERYONE I KNOW to this clinic. I love about 20 miles away, and it was completely worth the drive. TEN Stars. For real. God bless you!

posted: 12/07/2023