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Welcome Prudent Pet and Pet Assure!

Posted: 11/06/2023 | BY: Content Writer | Categories: Uncategorized

If you haven’t heard of Prudent Pet yet, let us introduce you to this new pet insurance provider that has just joined our site!

We’re pleased to welcome Pet Assure to our community, too! They offer a discount scheme you can use alongside your insurance.

When it comes to protecting your four-legged friends, it’s good to have choices and new ways of covering vet care costs. Pet Insurance is must and a discount scheme to help spread the cost of all types of vet care is a good option too.

Prudent Pet Insurance

We’re pleased to welcome Prudent Pet to our site; a new Pet Insurance provider that has great coverage options for Accident and Illness insurance and Accident only coverage with no upper age limits. They offer 2 wellness plans too, so there’s lots of choice!
They pride themselves on providing easy to understand and easy to claim insurance so you can focus on all the fun, while they look after your pet’s health.
You can get quotes from Prudent Pet and many of our other insurance partners by requesting a quote, and you can find out more about the coverage they offer on their insurer page. If you are already a customer and can tell us more about their customer service and claims process, please leave a review!

Pet Assure

This discount scheme provider helps pet owners meet the cost of routine care by providing a 25% discount on all in house medical care provided by thousands of participating veterinarians.
You pay a monthly fee which effectively helps you to spread some of the cost of vet care for routine procedures or emergency care. There are no exclusions or restrictions as this is not an insurance product. However, if you buy this discount scheme it could mean you can afford to reduce your insurance reimbursement percentage, reducing your monthly insurance costs, so it’s well worth considering if you’d like to know you have extra financial support for all vet care.

If you already use the plan, we’d love to know how it’s worked out for you and if you find it useful, so please leave a review! You can learn more about this discount plan on the Pet Assure page.

For more information on all the insurers we feature on our site take a look at the insurers page, and good luck in finding the right insurance for you and your furry friends!


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