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Eusoh provide a new way to fund vet care

Posted: 11/06/2023 | BY: Content Writer | Categories: Uncategorized

Eusoh are a new alternative to pet insurance, offering a crowd-funded solution to meeting the cost of your pet’s veterinary care.

Finding the money to cover expensive veterinary treatment if your dog or cat has an accident or falls ill is difficult for most of us without some sort of support. Pet Insurance is one solution and Eusoh are now providing a new crowd-funded solution, offering US pet owners more choice in how they meet those costs.

Crowd Funded Vet Care from Eusoh

It’s great to welcome Eusoh to our site and introduce you to their alternative way of funding vet care. They aren’t an insurance company at all; they’re a community-based, cost-sharing solution for all pet owners.

Similar to pet insurance, their solution covers 80% of any claim to a maximum of $8,500 a year with a $250 annual deductible per pet and a 30 day waiting period from sign up. They don’t cover neutering, spaying, grooming, dental cleaning, parasite control medications or cosmetic vet procedures such as de-clawing or tail docking, but all other treatments are covered if the community agrees. This means owners with pets with pre-existing conditions could have a real alternative to conventional pet insurance.

How does the crowd-funding work?

Each member pays a small one-off refundable deposit to join and then pays a small monthly subscription fee. Members submit claims for veterinary care and Eusoh’s system evaluates which costs can or cannot be shared by other members. The system calculates the contribution each member needs to make to community expenses for that month to cover all claims, but each member’s monthly costs will never exceed $58 in a month*.
The solution covers hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer treatments, on-going illnesses and accidents and you can find out more about what is and isn’t covered on our Eusoh page under the company info tab.

How is it different from Pet Insurance?

Eusoh see themselves as a facilitator, bringing together communities of pet owners on a huge scale to share costs. They say it is a much simpler and more transparent alternative to insurance and should be cheaper overall – I guess that remains to be seen as it grows and develops, and whether or not they do cover everything their members hope they will. Their unique solution is down to their software and the statistical modelling they’ve done to work out how this can be viable.

We think they’ve come up with a really exciting new solution for funding vital pet care and we wish them every success in helping all their community members!

For more information on all the insurers we feature on our site take a look at the insurers page, and good luck in finding the right insurance for you and your furry friends!

*correct as of May 2019



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