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True Petventures: Toby and Rex’s Story

Posted: 11/06/2023 | BY: Erin Cain | Categories: Uncategorized

Often, pet parents wonder if pet insurance is worth the monthly or yearly cost. At Pet Insurance Review, we’re happy to educate potential pet insurance policyholders about what pet insurance can do for their pets and their bank account. However, sometimes it’s best to hear it straight from the pet parents who have benefited most from their policies.

Today, we’re sharing Toby and Rex’s story, courtesy of Jerry R.:

Yellow lab lounges in the backyard.

In 2008 Rex and Toby had not been insured. Toby, a Lab, was just 9 months old. On Easter Sunday, I let the boys outside and I was walking to get the Sunday paper. Toby chased a bird into the street and was promptly hit by an elderly lady.

The sound of the impact caused me to shudder, feeling he was dead. Rex, our labrador-rottweiler mix, howled as I ran to Toby. Unbelievably, Toby was alive. We took him to the animal clinic and found that his pelvis was shattered.

Toby wound up at Purdue University where they inserted metal plates into his hips. It cost a fortune (I’m sure they named a wing after him down there), and without insurance, the bill ran into five figures. Toby had to remain prone for one whole month. During the day, my wife kept him on large cushions, and at night I slept with him. To go outside to relieve himself, I had to place a towel under his back haunches and lift up so that he walked on only his front legs.

I was a teacher and was exhausted each morning. Rex laid patiently on the pillows with Toby every day.

Finally, after a month, Toby could walk. After a few weeks he could jog. Today, 12 years later, he runs daily with me and leads the way over a mile.

I picked up pet insurance after that, and in 2011 our beloved Rex developed a brain tumor, inoperable. He was laid to rest while on the diagnostic table at Purdue. This time, however, the $2,000 bill was covered ($1800 paid) by insurance.

To this day Toby and his new pal, Bubba, are fully covered and enjoy all the benefits of pet insurance.

Black lab mix sits on a bridge.

Toby and Rex’s respective stories highlight why having pet insurance is so important for your pet’s health and so you aren’t caught off guard by unexpected and expensive veterinary or emergency bills.

Get a free, personalized pet insurance quote, and Pet Insurance Review will find the best policies available for your budget and your pet. Choose what works best for you, and rest easy knowing that your pet is covered no matter what mischief she gets into this year.



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