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How Much is Pet Insurance for a Cat?

Posted: 11/06/2023 | BY: Erin Cain | Categories: Uncategorized

Can you afford to pay for a cat’s medical expenses if they get sick or hurt? If the answer is “no,” then pet insurance might be worth considering. There are many plans and prices, but how much does pet insurance cost for cats? Let’s learn how much it costs to insure your feline friend, as well as how to find the best insurance plan suited for your needs.

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Curiosity, cats, and accidents

Cats are the most popular pet in the world. In population, they outnumber dogs as pets by about 2 million. There’s something about cats that people love, and those who have them know how much fun they can be. But there’s also something else about cats: they’re curious and adventurous animals with a mind of their own. Cats will find any opportunity to explore and investigate things on their terms – even if it means getting into trouble at times!

Cats are natural-born explorers – but this quality leads to many dangerous accidents for these little creatures. Maybe you’ve seen your cat darting across slippery floors or trying unsuccessfully to balance on top of furniture? And how often do we hear stories about how indoor-outdoor cats get into fights with other animals? They may be small, but they’re fierce!

Unfortunately, these accidents and injuries can cost quite a bit of money to treat.  Emergencies and accidents lead to unexpected veterinary costs, and those prices can be difficult to afford. So how much does pet insurance for cats usually cost? And how do you buy the best cat insurance policy that suits your needs?

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What types of pet insurance are available for cats?

There are two primary types of policies that pet insurance companies have for cats, accident-only coverage and accident plus illness coverage. What is the difference between these two options?

An insurance policy with accident-only coverage does precisely that: it covers accidents and nothing else. Accident plus illness insurance coverage cover the costs of both illnesses and accidents. Some pet insurance companies even offer a third option, a preventive care coverage plan, that provides coverage for routine examinations and medical care. A wellness plan is considered a rider separate from the main policy.

So how does cat insurance work? Once you purchase a policy, you make monthly payments, called premiums, to keep the policy current. If an accident occurs, you pay for the veterinary care up front. Then, you will file a claim and, when accepted, the company reimburses you the amount based on your plan’s deductible.

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What is the cost of pet insurance for cats?

How much does cat insurance cost? Pet insurance costs can vary depending on what type of plan a pet parent chooses and what they want to be covered within the policy. Monthly premium coverage for a cat may cost anywhere between $10 – $80 a month.

Accident-only plans are the least expensive, with an average monthly premium between $10 – $20. This type of plan is best for cat parents who own an injury-prone yet otherwise healthy kitty.

The more comprehensive accident plus illness plans have higher costs which generally fall between $20 – $40 per month. Additional wellness plan coverage will raise those monthly prices another $15 – $30 on top of the insurance plan’s monthly premium.

For either standard pet insurance plan, the pet’s age can also influence the price of the policy. Cat parents typically pay higher monthly premiums for their senior cats coverage because, as a cat ages, they are more susceptible to injuries and developing diseases and illnesses.

The best time to purchase a policy is when your cat is a kitten: the younger the cat, the less expensive the pet insurance policy. Additionally, as pet insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions, purchasing pet insurance for your kitten before any conditions occur means that your kitten will be covered when those illnesses or diseases develop.

Your cat’s breed may also influence the price of an insurance plan. The plan for an Abyssinian or Russian Blue cat is generally higher than for an American Shorthair or Ragamuffin. These differences are that some cat breeds are more likely to develop a hereditary condition or inherited illness than others.

While various factors impact the price of pet health insurance, the average cost for a feline accident-only policy is $126.08 annually ($10.51/month), and for an accident plus illness policy, $349.93 a year ($29.16/month).

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What does cat insurance cover?

If you are thinking about pet insurance for your cat, you may wonder what the price of the plans cover. Here are the procedures included in pet health insurance for both standard policies.

Accident-only plan

An accident-only insurance plan covers accidents and emergencies, such as car accidents, bloat, torn ligaments, poisoning, foreign body ingestion, cuts and lacerations. Some policies may also cover medical costs like surgeries, diagnostic and lab tests, X-rays, prescription medicines, hospitalizations, emergency care, and alternative therapies.

Accident and illness plan

Coverage included in this policy is more expansive than the coverage offered in an accident-only policy. This type of policy covers everything an accident-only policy does. Accident and illness plans also include illness coverage for a chronic condition (arthritis, diabetes), orthopedic issues (broken bones, torn ligaments), dental diseases (root canals, extractions), and cancer testing and treatment.

What can insurance do for your feline friend?

The benefits of pet insurance are vast, but how much it costs depends on what you’re looking for. Affordable pet insurance for cats costs $10 – $20 per month or lower with an accident-only policy, depending on your cat’s breed and age. Accident and illness policies offer more coverage at a higher price that starts around $30/month up to over $100/month, so be sure about how comprehensive a level of protection you want before making a purchase. The best time to purchase pet insurance coverage for cats is kittenhood before diseases and illnesses happen.

As responsible pet parents, we always want what’s best for our cat. If you have any questions about how to get started with finding affordable yet effective pet insurance plans, let us know! At Pet Insurance Review, our mission is to protect your pet by providing you with the best policy plans based on your requirements. Get a free pet insurance quote, and make sure that curious cat is safe and sound for years to come.



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