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How to get your dog to sleep through the night

Posted: 11/06/2023 | BY: Lacy Bursick | Categories: Uncategorized

It’s 3 am and you are in a deep sleep only to be disrupted by puppy howls from a crate or maybe even a paw to the face. If only you could tell your dog to only wake you if an intruder breaks in, but unfortunately dogs of all ages may just wake you up for reasons unknown. This can be a nuisance, especially for new dog owners, or those with busy schedules. Here are the reasons why your dog may not be sleeping through the night, and tips to get your dog to get sleep through the night.

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Why does your dog not sleep through the night?

There are several reasons why your dog may not be sleeping at night. One reason simply is because they instead are sleeping throughout the day when you maybe aren’t there and at night when you are, they want attention and have pent-up energy. Simply put, your dog is not tired and is bored so they want your attention.

If you are gone at work all day, for example, your dog is most likely home alone sleeping and waiting for you to return. A solution for this is to ensure your dog is properly exercised when you are home. This means taking your dog on walks, to the dog park, or to enjoy some fetch.

If you recently adopted a puppy…

If you have adopted a puppy, they could be waking up from youthful anxiety. Young dogs have been taken away from their litter and mom, and this can be stressful as they adapt to their new life with you. During this time, remember patience, and try to make them feel comfortable and loved.

It is good to enjoy nighttime bonding with your puppy but is it recommended to crate them, at least until they are old enough to be trusted to not chew things or have accidents. I have fallen asleep with my young puppy on my bed only to be awakened to him peeing in my bed a few hours. I definitely learned the hard way, young puppies are not to be trusted at night.

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If your dog is older and this is a new behavior…

If your dog is restless through the night and this is new behavior for a mature dog, this could be an underlying issue and it is always a good idea to bring it to your vet’s attention. Your dog could be suffering from pain, aches, or even underlying conditions. Any change in behavior is always important to mention in vet checkups.

Why is my dog waking me in the middle of the night?

If your dog is waking you up, this could be because they need to use the bathroom or they want your attention. If waking you up a few times satisfies their need for attention it could become a recurring pattern. This a bad behavioral pattern for dogs to get into.

If this is a recurring issue, it is recommended that you set boundaries for your dog. This could mean crate training your dog so it understands that it is rest time. Make their crate a comfy bed so they feel safe, secure, and relaxed. If the problem continues, you may need to move the crate or where they sleep to another room to establish space and boundaries.

If your dog is waking you to use the bathroom, then you should consider feeding them earlier in the evening and ensuring they use the bathroom before bed.

Puppyhood is a time in your dog’s life that you can expect to need to take them out in the night. Accidents can always occur, but it should not be too much of a regular thing as they grow into adults. As they develop into adult dogs, they should understand that nighttime is when your household sleeps. Through boundaries and training, your dog will learn and adapt to your life patterns.

Best of luck with your dog’s training and remember to always talk with your vet if the problems continue. We also recommend exploring pet insurance options to ensure your dog is covered in unforeseen times. Get A Quote today.



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