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Cat X-Ray Costs for 2024 (And How to Save)

Posted: 01/22/2024 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Cat , Health problems , Pet care

X-rays are a diagnostic tool commonly used by veterinarians to determine what may be making our fur baby not feel so great. While very effective, the cost of an X-ray can really catch some cat parents off guard. In this article, we’ll break down cat X-ray costs, factors that impact price, why your cat may need an X-ray and how you can save money.

Key Points

  • Average costs for cat X-rays range between $100 and $250.
  • There are a variety of factors that can impact the price of cat X-rays, including injury/illness, facility, and more.
  • Vets may recommend taking X-rays for different reasons such as for dental exams or if there is a suspicion of cancer or heart disease.

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How Much Do Cat X-Rays Really Cost?

Average costs for cat X-rays are between $100 and $250. What you pay will be based on a variety of factors:


Two of the biggest impacts on cost are the location and severity of your fur baby’s injury. As an example, your cat’s paw will be easier to X-ray than their head or abdomen. And, generally speaking, dental X-rays cost less, averaging between $50 and $90.


Where the X-ray is taken will also influence X-ray cost. For instance, an emergency clinic or animal hospital will surely charge more than your regular vet’s office. Typically local animal charities and organizations will offer the lowest cost for pet X-rays.


If your pet gets anxious going to the vet, you can only imagine how nervous they will be during an X-ray. Our fur babies are also often in pain during an X-ray due to the illness or injury. For these reasons, sedation (and even anesthesia) may be necessary to keep them calm and still. Sedation and anesthesia can add between $50 to $220 to the total bill.

how much do cat X-rays cost?

Common Reasons for Cat X-Rays

There are a variety of reasons your sweet feline may need an X-ray:

Wellness Check

Cats are very stoic animals, meaning they don’t show when they are ill or in pain. As your cat ages, your vet may decide it’s a good idea to get an X-ray during an annual checkup. This can show any developing health issues like arthritis, asthma, heart disease or tumors. An X-ray can help your vet create the optimal treatment plan for your cat.

Dental X-rays

According to Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, 50% to 90% of cats age four or older will suffer from some form of dental disease. When this happens, it may be necessary to extract badly infected teeth. Dental X-rays give your vet a clear look at which teeth need to be extracted.


X-rays are often used by vets to spot certain types of tumors, though not all tumors will appear in an X-ray. Still, it is a low-cost option to determine if a cat potentially has cancer.

Intestinal Blockage

Cats are, by nature, incredibly curious animals. And sometimes this curiosity can get them into trouble. As an example, if you have one of those cats that likes to eat string, you could be looking at a costly medical emergency. 

When our fur babies swallow foreign and indigestible objects, the vet will need to take an X-ray to see where the object is, if it has become lodged and if surgery is required. 

Lung or Heart Issues

When a cat comes into the vet with lethargy or breathing issues, one of the first potential diagnoses is an issue with their lungs or heart. A chest X-ray will help your vet identify health issues such as pneumonia, bronchitis or heart disease.

Pet Insurance Can Help Cover Cat X-Ray Costs

When pet parents see the actual cat X-ray costs, some may want to skip them to save money in the short term. But this can lead to poor health outcomes for your fur baby. As we’ve just seen, X-rays are an incredibly effective diagnostic tool that helps vets identify injuries and disease and create the best treatment plan. With X-rays, you’re bound to catch a health issue early, potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road.

The good news is, pet insurance providers typically cover the cost of X-rays under their standard accident & illness plans. And many companies offer 80% to 90% reimbursement rates. 

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