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Only Trupanion can say that the pets we insure lead longer, happier lives.1 Pets can be full of surprises—so their insurance coverage shouldn’t be. That’s why Trupanion is dedicated to helping the pets we love get the care they need. The Trupanion policy was designed by veterinarians to protect cats and dogs like yours by taking cost out of the care equation. When your furry family member is sick or hurt, the last thing you want to worry about is affording the treatment they need. That’s why Trupanion is the only provider who can review, approve, and pay your claim direct to your veterinarian at the time of checkout.* No more juggling credit cards and no more waiting for reimbursement. Your pet gets treated, you pay your portion, and go. We take care of the rest. 98.7% of Trupanion members stay enrolled every month. 1 Based on a November 2020 internal study analyzing third party hospital claims data comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy. * Terms and Conditions apply. Coverage may vary by state. Not all veterinarians accept direct payment. Ask your veterinarian about Trupanion Express. Trupanion is a registered trademark owned by Trupanion, Inc.  Underwritten in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company and in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company.

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POSTED: | BY: Kate Gregory

Trupanion has covered every claim for our dogs

Thanks to Trupanion, we have been able to provide the necessary care for our dogs, including two major surgeries for IBD, cancer, emergency stays, MRI's for spinal disease, medications, dental work, skin disorders, infections, and the rider for additional care has extended our dog's life. She does physical therapy and acupuncture twice a week. Trupanion covers her care. Without it, she would no longer be with us. We have had every single claim ever submitted covered by Trupanion. We will always be Trupanion supporters and will continue to use and recommend them to anyone wanting insurance for their pet(s).

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Traci Laursen

Very dissatisfied with coverage

I am a veterinary technician as well as the owner of a dog training facility in New Mexico. I have recommended Trupanion to clients on countless occasions. I have 2 dogs of my own who have had insurance through Trupanion since I have owned them. One has had coverage since she was about 10 weeks old and she is now 5 years old. The other dog was rescued from a shelter 10 months ago and she is now about 18 months old now. Thankfully, I have never had a claim. On my recommendation, my mother (who is elderly) recently obtained coverage for her dog as well. Unfortunately my mom's dog was slipped while running an agility course and began limping. The dog had been insured for about 3 weeks at the time of the injury. Trupanion has refused to cover the injury, calling it an illness instead. They stated that the dog must have been unhealthy and thus was predisposed to a lameness because a healthy dog would not have come up lame. I feel like they used an unlikely loophole to avoid paying on his injury. I have never heard of a lameness from an acute injury being regarded as an illness, and I don believe a "healthy" dog couldn't develop a lameness after a fall.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Sandrea Kornblum

What a Relief!

I have had Trupanion for a few years on a rescue dog that I adopted. Not long ago, my dog bloated and torsioned (GDV). When the vet asked me if he could do x-rays and then surgery, I told him my dog had insurance and do whatever he needed to do. It was a huge relief to be able to put money issues aside and get my dog the emergency care he needed. This was my first claim for my dog, so it took awhile to get the vet paperwork in, and then the vet had to amend a note, but once this was done, payment was almost immediate.

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Corey

Simple but extremely wonderful peace of mind......

Trupanion is one of the top rated pet insurers. I haven't had to file a claim (thankfully!)for any thing catastrophic and hope I never do but my vet highly recommended Trupanion. For the price, the coverage, and peace of mind it is a no brainer. My pets are like the rest of my kids in that I'll do whatever needs to be done to take care of them!

out of 10

POSTED: | BY: Scott wilson

Remarkable customer service and care

I had been with this insurer for 10 years. Recently, my golden doodle suffered a rare blood disease and the end result, after many tests and treatments was to put her to sleep. During the entire 10 years, and most especially in the past few weeks, the people at trupanion went way above and beyond. I never write reviews but I felt it important to mention that this is a business that cares about the customers they serve. Thank you again for your incredibly compassionate and excellent service.

Monthly Cost

Your monthly rate is determined by multiple factors, including your pet’s species, breed, age at the time of enrollment, and gender. Other factors include what deductible amount, if any, you choose and the average cost of veterinary care in your area.  


The Trupanion policy pays 90% of the bill for all covered expenses once your deductible is met. Plus, we cover:

  • Hereditary conditions (like hip dysplasia, diabetes, etc.)
  • Congenital conditions (like heart disease, cataracts, or liver disease)
  • Unidentified conditions (like vomiting or diarrhea, cough, sudden weight changes, etc.) and the diagnostic tests needed to identify them

We also offer a Recovery and Complementary Care rider to expand your policy to include additional treatments like:

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • And many more

Payout Limits

The Trupanion policy* has no payout limits, so whether your furry best friend needs one quick visit or a lifetime of care, your coverage won’t quit.

That can mean a big difference if your pet develops a chronic condition requiring extended care like allergies, diabetes, or even cancer.



Customize your deductible to fit your budget, from $0 to $1,000. You can choose to lower your deductible within the first 30 days of enrollment, or increase it at any time.

Plus, Trupanion policy deductibles are per-condition and good for the life of your pet. That means no annual resets—once a deductible is paid, it stays paid. Forever.


Age Limits

All cats and dogs under the age of 14 can enroll.

Birthdays are for celebrating; so unlike other providers, we don’t factor getting older into your pet’s rate. If you enroll your cat or dog at 6 weeks, they’ll always be 6 weeks—and priced like a 6 week old—in our eyes.


Waiting Period

  • Accidents: 5 days
  • Illnesses: 30 days

Other providers may have additional waiting periods for congenital conditions like hip dysplasia. Trupanion does not.



Trupanion was developed to protect you and your pet from unexpected illnesses and injuries. That means we don’t cover “predictable” care costs that you can plan ahead for, like:

  • Examination fees
  • Wellness, preventive, elective, or cosmetic care
  • Sales tax, where applicable

Like all pet insurance providers, Trupanion does not cover pre-existing conditions. Whichever insurer you choose, it pays to enroll early!

* Terms and Conditions apply. Coverage may vary by state. Not all veterinarians accept direct payment. Ask your veterinarian about Trupanion Express.


Trupanion was founded in 2000 with the goal to take cost out of the care equation. We believe that the pets we love—and the veterinary professionals who help them—deserve better. That’s why Trupanion is a proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. We’re committed to sharing industry data, supporting animal welfare organizations, and working with federal and state regulators to help more pets get better care. Our members know we’re ahead of the pack, because there’s pet insurance—then there’s Trupanion: 24/7 Member Support—yes, even on holidays 20+ years of experience Over $1 Billion paid in claims Over 600,000 pets protected Unlimited Payouts The only provider that can pay your veterinarian directly at checkout* Accepted everywhere in the USA, Canada, and Australia * At participating hospitals

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