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Pets can be full of surprises—so their insurance coverage shouldn’t be. That’s why Trupanion is dedicated to helping the pets we love get the care they need. They pride themselves on the amount they pay out to pet owners, paying out more on the dollar than any other pet insurance provider. To date they have paid out nearly $2 Billion in claims. The Trupanion policy was designed by veterinarians to protect pets and their owners by taking the cost out of the care equation. If your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing you want to worry about is affording the treatment they need, you only need to worry about getting them better. That’s why Trupanion is the only provider who can review, approve, and pay your claim direct to your veterinarian, within seconds, at the time of checkout.* No more juggling credit cards and no more waiting for reimbursement. Your pet gets treated, you pay your portion, and go. Trupanion takes care of the rest. 98.7% of Trupanion members stay enrolled every month. 1 Based on a November 2020 internal study analyzing third party hospital claims data comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy. * Terms and Conditions apply. Policy details vary by state, please review your states policy for full coverage details. Not all veterinarians accept direct payment. Ask your veterinarian about Trupanion Vet Direct Pay. Underwritten in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company and GPIC Insurance Company and in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company and ZPIC Insurance Company, 6100-4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108. Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products.

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POSTED: | BY: Rob Smith

Thank you for giving us more time with our Kitty.

When we first got our kitty, there was a free trial for a month. I took it because why not? Within that month we already had an expensive vet visit and got devastating news; our kitten likely had Feline Leukemia. I immediately signed up for full coverage and throughout the sadly short life of our cat, Trupanion helped cover for everything. If it wasn't for having this insurance, we would have had to say goodbye much, much sooner than we did. So thank you, Trupanion. With you we were able to make many more memories with a loved member of our family who is now sorely missed.

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POSTED: | BY: Ashley B

Any Excuse to Deny

Trupanion is not a user friendly or caring insurance company. They refuse anything they can, including claims for conditions that you have already appealed and been granted relief on. They have repeatedly misread my cat’s chart, despite having had the misconception corrected multiple times, and consider even a tiny mention of a cat’s system, even a note that is still in the normal range, to establish a precondition. If you have a new kitten then perhaps start it on Trupanion, but they are the worst when it comes to denying coverage and always make you appeal to get any coverage. Edit: I responded to their inquiry below with my particular information and they have never followed up. Much like their coverage, these responses are PR and not substantive.

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POSTED: | BY: Terri Stone

I am a veterinarian and client

Trupanion's process and claim service was better than expected! My daughter's sweet Goldendoodle need to have both hips replaced and Trupanion covered the procedures at 90%!!! I am a veterinarian and was amazed at how easily the claim process went, especially for the second procedure.

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POSTED: | BY: Sherrie

Saved a Service Dog’s Life

Stevie, our brown loving Goldendoodle who is my 1 year old Service Dog swallowed a piece of stuffed toy on the evening of Wednesday 9/7. Around 7pm I called my Veterinarian who said to give him Hydrogen Peroxide to try and induce vomiting. I administered in a 10ml syringe orally every 15min for 1 hour as instructed. No vomiting occurred, instead he began coughing uncontrollably and was lethargic, making a wheezing sound within a few hours. The next morning he was dizzy, had mucus coming out of his nose & mouth, was gasping for air and could barely walk. I found out later that the Hydrogen Peroxide instead went into his Trachea & caused Aspiration Pneumonia. Stevie spent the day & night in VEG Hospital in Paramus with 106 fever and became worse overnight because he could no longer breathe on his own. The morning of 9/9 they transferred him through a Pet Ambulance (due to the need of an oxygen tank) to Eclipse Specialty & Emergency Care Hospital in Whippany, NJ. Here he spent 10 days in the ICU, had an endoscopy, was placed in an oxygen chamber, on a feeding tube, was oxygen dependent, lost 11lbs. and was non-responsive most days. On day five 9/13, we were told the worst news… that he wasn’t going to make it! I’m relieved to say Stevie is a strong & resilient puppy and made his way home on Sunday 9/18! He needed daily injections of Meropenem which is the strongest antibiotic given to dogs and I gave these to him at home twice a day for 2 weeks along with 2 different oral meds, steam therapy & he needed X-rays weekly for a month to check for fluid in his lungs. The bills so far between the 2 hospitals, the Vet Ambulance, home injections, medication & the X-ray checkups ran up to $32k. Thank heavens for Trupanion Pet Insurance that truely saved his life! In the frame of mind that we were in, the insurance continued to approve the bills direct from both hospitals quickly & efficiently. Trupanion has been the best decision we’ve made for our Service Dog. I spoke to 2 different Trupanion Reps in the beginning of this ordeal in a hysterical state and they both quickly put my mind at ease. We will continue to get Stevie the care he needs because he is of course family to us! He had just turned 1 on 7/25/22. From the bottom of our hearts: keep on doing this great work for our loved ones as this generosity will come back to you ten times over.

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POSTED: | BY: Patricia C Van Haren

Thank you for your prompt reply to my claims.

After reaching out to trupanion, they reviewed my claims and made all adjustments to the deductible. Thank you to my claims specialist for getting this resolved.

Monthly Cost

Your monthly rate is determined by multiple factors, including your pet’s species, gender, breed, age, and zip code, and the deductible amount you choose.  


Depending on your plan, Trupanion policy pays up to 100% of the bill for all eligible expenses once your deductible is met, if you have a deductible at all. Some of the things they cover are:

  • All new, unexpected accidents and illnesses
  • Hereditary conditions (like hip dysplasia, diabetes, etc.)
  • Congenital conditions (like heart disease, cataracts, or liver disease)
  • Chronic conditions (like allergies, or cancer)
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Medically-necessary hospital stays
  • Prescribed medications and supplements
  • Prosthetic carts

There are three additional riders to expand your policy, if they are not included in your states core plan:

Recovery and Complementary Care

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Behavioral modification
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Rehabilitative Therapy

Pet Owner Assistance

  • Advertising and reward for lost pets
  • Boarding fees if you are hospitalized
  • Liability coverage for third-party property damage
  • Cremation or burial for death due to accident or illness
  • Vacation cancellation costs due to accident or illness


  • Whelping
  • Queening
  • Other injuries associated with breeding

Payout Limits

The Trupanion policy* has no payout limits, so whether your pet needs one quick visit or a lifetime of care, your coverage won’t quit.
That can mean a big difference if your pet develops a chronic condition requiring extended care like allergies, diabetes, or even cancer.


If your Trupanion policy has a deductible, you can customize it to fit your budget. You can choose from $50 to $1,000 in increments of $5, or choose to have no deductible at all. Trupanion deductibles are per-condition and good for the life of your pet. That means no annual resets-once a deductible is met, you never have to pay the deductible for that condition again.

Age Limits

All new pets can enroll from birth until their 14th birthday. Once your pet is enrolled, they can be enrolled for life

Waiting Period

Waiting periods vary by state. Please see your states policy for full coverage details.
However, other providers may have additional waiting periods for congenital conditions like hip dysplasia, Trupanion does not.


Trupanion was developed to protect you and your pet from unexpected illnesses and injuries. That means we don’t cover “predictable” care costs that you can plan ahead for, like:

  • Examination fees
  • Wellness and preventive care
  • Elective, or cosmetic procedures
  • Sales tax, where applicable

Like many other pet insurance providers, Trupanion does not cover pre-existing conditions. Whichever insurer you choose, it pays to enroll early!

* Terms and Conditions apply. Coverage may vary by state. Not all veterinarians accept direct payment. Ask your veterinarian about Trupanion Vet Direct Pay.

Trupanion was founded in 2000 with the goal to help pet owners plan for the unexpected and take the cost out of the care equation. They believe that the pets—and the veterinary professionals who help them—deserve better. That’s why Trupanion is a proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. We’re committed to sharing industry data, supporting animal welfare organizations, and working with federal and state regulators to help more pets get better care. Our members know we’re ahead of the pack, because there’s pet insurance—then there’s Trupanion: 24/7/365 Member Support—yes, even on holidays 20+ years of experience Nearly $2 Billion paid in claims Over 800,000 pets protected Unlimited Payouts The only provider that can pay your veterinarian directly at checkout* Accepted everywhere in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia * At participating hospitals

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