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Pets can be full of surprises—so their insurance coverage shouldn’t be. That’s why Trupanion is dedicated to helping the pets we love get the care they need. They pride themselves on the amount they pay out to pet owners, paying out more on the dollar than any other pet insurance provider. To date they have paid out nearly $2 Billion in claims. The Trupanion policy was designed by veterinarians to protect pets and their owners by taking the cost out of the care equation. If your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing you want to worry about is affording the treatment they need, you only need to worry about getting them better. That’s why Trupanion is the only provider who can review, approve, and pay your claim direct to your veterinarian, within seconds, at the time of checkout.* No more juggling credit cards and no more waiting for reimbursement. Your pet gets treated, you pay your portion, and go. Trupanion takes care of the rest. 98.7% of Trupanion members stay enrolled every month. 1 Based on a November 2020 internal study analyzing third party hospital claims data comparing pets insured with a Trupanion policy to pets without a Trupanion policy. * Terms and Conditions apply. Policy details vary by state, please review your states policy for full coverage details. Not all veterinarians accept direct payment. Ask your veterinarian about Trupanion Vet Direct Pay. Underwritten in Canada by Omega General Insurance Company and GPIC Insurance Company and in the United States by American Pet Insurance Company and ZPIC Insurance Company, 6100-4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108. Please visit to review all available pet health insurance products.

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POSTED: | BY: anon

Best thing we bought for our puppy!

I had never owned a pet before and had recently purchased a puppy. Several friends suggested purchasing pet insurance. One day I heard a radio ad for Trupanion and on impulse, checked out their website and signed up that day. We are so thankful we did, because our 9 month old puppy fractured a hip not long after we enrolled. Thanks to Trupanion, we knew that most of the enormous vet bills were covered...not only were they covered, but we received our refund check in the mail less than a week after the surgery! We are so grateful that our dog is now healthy and happy, and we are happy he had insurance!

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POSTED: | BY: Kelly

They delivered what they promised!

Other insurance companies would not cover illnesses that are known to occur frequently in a breed, but Trupanion did not have these restrictions and even better, they delivered what they promised.

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POSTED: | BY: Nettie

Excellent service - no hassle claim!

We had just been insured one month when our Yorkie jumped out of my husband's arm and landed on her head. She was out cold - very scary - we rushed her to emergency. The bill was over $1500. I was wondering how using this new insurance would go. They are AMAZING!! As soon as they received the paper work they notified us via email that they were processing the claim - within days of receiving the paper work, we were notified the claim had been processed and we would receive a check for the 90% coverage. NO hassles. Excellent service!!

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POSTED: | BY: Angela

Initial Claim Denied

I recently obtained insurance for my Blue Weimeraner with great hesitation. The very first claim that I supplied to the insurance company was DECLINED. My Vet was astounded by the refusal of that company to reimburse and is discussing with his partners about removing Trupanion brochures from his office. Be very leary of this company.

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POSTED: | BY: Scott Blaney

I would never own another pet without Vetinsurance

In July of 2007 we were fortunate enough to meet the new love of our lives; Cooper, a 8 week old Golden Retriever puppy. We were told when we purchased this little fellow that pure Goldens sometimes have issues and it would be in our best interest to purchase Dog Insurance. After doing alittle research we settled on Vetinsurance (Canada) / Trupaion (U.S.A.). As it turns out this may have been the best thing we could have ever done; you see cooper got very, very sick at 7 months old and we thought we would surely lose what had become our best friend. At the time your pet is sick you never think of the money or time that you spend but as we all know when the crisis is over which ever way it turns out there is always the cost to contend with. Hopefully the cost is only finacial.....well I am happy to say the finacial aspect was the only cost and by the time we had spoken with Vetinsurance we knew that was not much of a cost at all. Our medical bills were just over $1,200.00 Dollars and Vetinsurance reinbursed us for over $1,100.00 dollars. It was a very difficult time for our family as it would be for anyone but our story turned out great and that was in no small part to Vetinsurance / Trupaion. I would highly recomend this company to anyone looking for Pet Insurance. I want everyone who is reading this to understand I have never witten a statement like this before and may never again but please believe me when I say this is honestly some of the best money I have ever spent, and the only reason I do not give this a 10 is because nothing is absolutely perfect, but this is pretty close for an Insurance company.

Monthly Cost

Your monthly rate is determined by multiple factors, including your pet’s species, gender, breed, age, and zip code, and the deductible amount you choose.  


Depending on your plan, Trupanion policy pays up to 100% of the bill for all eligible expenses once your deductible is met, if you have a deductible at all. Some of the things they cover are:

  • All new, unexpected accidents and illnesses
  • Hereditary conditions (like hip dysplasia, diabetes, etc.)
  • Congenital conditions (like heart disease, cataracts, or liver disease)
  • Chronic conditions (like allergies, or cancer)
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Medically-necessary hospital stays
  • Prescribed medications and supplements
  • Prosthetic carts

There are three additional riders to expand your policy, if they are not included in your states core plan:

Recovery and Complementary Care

  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Behavioral modification
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy
  • Rehabilitative Therapy

Pet Owner Assistance

  • Advertising and reward for lost pets
  • Boarding fees if you are hospitalized
  • Liability coverage for third-party property damage
  • Cremation or burial for death due to accident or illness
  • Vacation cancellation costs due to accident or illness


  • Whelping
  • Queening
  • Other injuries associated with breeding

Payout Limits

The Trupanion policy* has no payout limits, so whether your pet needs one quick visit or a lifetime of care, your coverage won’t quit.
That can mean a big difference if your pet develops a chronic condition requiring extended care like allergies, diabetes, or even cancer.


If your Trupanion policy has a deductible, you can customize it to fit your budget. You can choose from $50 to $1,000 in increments of $5, or choose to have no deductible at all. Trupanion deductibles are per-condition and good for the life of your pet. That means no annual resets-once a deductible is met, you never have to pay the deductible for that condition again.

Age Limits

All new pets can enroll from birth until their 14th birthday. Once your pet is enrolled, they can be enrolled for life

Waiting Period

Waiting periods vary by state. Please see your states policy for full coverage details.
However, other providers may have additional waiting periods for congenital conditions like hip dysplasia, Trupanion does not.


Trupanion was developed to protect you and your pet from unexpected illnesses and injuries. That means we don’t cover “predictable” care costs that you can plan ahead for, like:

  • Examination fees
  • Wellness and preventive care
  • Elective, or cosmetic procedures
  • Sales tax, where applicable

Like many other pet insurance providers, Trupanion does not cover pre-existing conditions. Whichever insurer you choose, it pays to enroll early!

* Terms and Conditions apply. Coverage may vary by state. Not all veterinarians accept direct payment. Ask your veterinarian about Trupanion Vet Direct Pay.

Trupanion was founded in 2000 with the goal to help pet owners plan for the unexpected and take the cost out of the care equation. They believe that the pets—and the veterinary professionals who help them—deserve better. That’s why Trupanion is a proud member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association. We’re committed to sharing industry data, supporting animal welfare organizations, and working with federal and state regulators to help more pets get better care. Our members know we’re ahead of the pack, because there’s pet insurance—then there’s Trupanion: 24/7/365 Member Support—yes, even on holidays 20+ years of experience Nearly $2 Billion paid in claims Over 800,000 pets protected Unlimited Payouts The only provider that can pay your veterinarian directly at checkout* Accepted everywhere in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia * At participating hospitals

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