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Updated: February 05, 2024

ManyPets offers customizable pet health insurance for accidents and illnesses, with an optional wellness plan for routine and preventative care, for both dogs and cats. It is currently offered in 40 states with plans to expand to more. ManyPets is underwritten by Accredited Surety and Casualty Co.

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POSTED: | BY: W Carlson

I am so thankful for this policy

I am so thankful I have a policy with ManyPets - my 5-year old Labrador tore his knee and had to have emergency surgery - claims process was so smooth - the surgery, the follow-on injections, the medicines - all covered and processed in a day or two. Been wanting to write a review earlier because every time I have had a claim over the last few years, the process has been super easy and painless. Thanks!

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POSTED: | BY: lera kh

Best pet insurance

I’ve been using ManyPets for my little Yorkie’s insurance for over a year and so far I love it. They are very nice and answer all my questions and/or concerns in a very timely manner. I feel calm and secure for my pup because of their services.

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POSTED: | BY: Britany Negron

ManyPets is hands down the BEST!

ManyPets is hands down the most amazing pet insurance company out there. People tend to think pet insurance is a "scam" but I can truly assure you that it is not. I have two dogs and both are ESA's so they truly are my life. My eldest dog was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor that was luckily caught very early and he will make a full recovery with many years to go. Not only have the approved every claim, but my reimbursement is delivered incredibly fast! I am so grateful for my policy because it truly allowed me to provide the best care for my dog without the financial burden or hardship. Their staff is incredibly helpful and nice and the customer experience is incredibly profound. I will always have a policy with Many Pets as long as I have a pet to care for!

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POSTED: | BY: Dwayne

My name is Dewayne Jones

My name is Dewayne Jones. I purchased a Manypets pet insurance policy, policy number 3dmttv on 1/5/23. My account has been active since then. I have paid 3,667.92 in coverage costs. And yet every time but once that my pet has needed to goto the vet you find some reason to deny my claim. On the last two occasions that my pet has needed to goto the vet you have denied coverage of my claims based on pre-existing conditions. The last claim you denied, Dental surgery Ref: #los_46sbyE on 2/16/24 was because of preexisting periodontal disease so you refused payment to correct the periodontal disease. And the $409.00 part of the claim you did pay, you ended up only giving $188.00 because $221.00 was over the $150.00 yearly limit of wellness prevention covered in your policy. I realize that you are legally able to deny payment because all of this is laid out vaguely somewhere in your exhaustive list of terms in your 22 page policy but ethically do you think it’s fair to charge your customers $152.00 a month for a policy that only will pay $150 annually? Why am I paying you? So I will be cancelling my policy but not before I commit every minute of my free time over the next few weeks to report your ethically questionable business practices and filing complaints to the California Department of Insurance, The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, The Better Business Bureau, The State Attorney General, local consumer protection office as well taking to social media platforms to share with my considerable number of followers and my friends and business colleagues how terrible your insurance coverage is. DEWAYNE JONES Bo Plan number: 1-MPI-CA-09-01420772-01 Wellness plan number: 3dmttv

Monthly Cost

Varies by pet location, age, and breed


Pet Accident and Illness coverage and offer a non-insurance wellness product.

Payout Limits

Unlimited limit less any applicable annual deductible and per claim co-pay.


Deductible options vary by state and pet age. Common deductibles include $0, $100, $250, $500, and $750

Age Limits

Pet must be at least 8 weeks old or younger than 14 to purchase. No age cap on renewals.

Waiting Period

15 days for accidents and illness.


See Policy section 3
ManyPets is a licensed MGA that is underwritten by Accredited Surety and Casualty Company. ManyPets provides Accident and Illness Insurance for Pets.

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