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Petplan returns to roots with new-look website

Posted: 04/29/2022 | BY: Conten Writer | Categories:

Last week Petplan (one of the largest insurers in the US), launched a brand new website, and we love it!

Last week Petplan (one of the largest insurers in the US), launched a brand new website, and we love it! The new site brings them right back to their roots; 16 years ago two students, inspired by their $5000 veterinarian bill, were hit with a vision to create a world leading pet health company. Fast forward to today and the core mission of creating a better world for animals – and the humans who love them – shines through in their new sleek site,

Aside from the nicer look and feel of the site and the fact that you feel there is a genuine personality behind the pages, our favourite part is, of course, the fact that user reviews have been placed right on the homepage. It’s so great to see big insurers appreciate the importance of being transparent about reviews; and hopefully this means they will strive to get more glowing recommendations through providing great service. The insurers can tell us how great they are all day, but when real customers tell stories about how grateful they were to be insured when the worst happened, it means so much more.

Cleaner navigation, faster claims submission, more policy information

New features of the site include cleaner navigation, the ability to submit claims online (which is a huge timesaver, and potentially means being reimbursed sooner), more transparency over how their policies are structured, what factors determine the premium, and more detailed information on what is, and isn’t, eligible for coverage. They’re also clearly well aware of the competition, with improved comparisons of competitors and clearer access to the education and advice section of the site.

A key focus of the content on the new site also demonstrates the philanthropic mission behind what they do — what they call “Petplanthropy”. Through Petplanthropy, Petplan share their time and resources to build a better world for animals. As part of the overall initiative, they make financial contributions to select partner shelters, rescues and humane societies across the country, and each employee has the opportunity to spend a day volunteering with a pet-related cause that is dear to them.

We think that the new site clarifies the motivations behind Petplan’s mission — to ensure healthier, longer lives for pets and peace of mind for their people —and how pet insurance helps meet those objectives. By providing transparent information about how pet insurance works and how it can benefit a pet family, as well as showcasing the company’s history and personality; we’re sure we will see many more pet parents choosing to protect their best friends with Petplan.

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