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French Bulldog Life Expectancy (and How to Help Your Frenchie Live the Best Life!)

Posted: 11/10/2023 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Dog , Health problems , Top Tips

Is there anything more adorable than the face of a French Bulldog? The answer is obviously no. Frenchies make wonderful companions. They are affectionate, loyal, and incredibly silly and playful. But what is the French bulldog life expectancy and what can you do to ensure your pup lives as long a life as possible?

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french bulldog life expectancy

How Long Do Frenchies Live?

According to the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog life expectancy is roughly 10 to 12 years. This is a similar lifespan to other dogs of this size such as Boston terriers and pugs. 

Of course, each dog is an individual and there are numerous factors that play into the length of their life span. And luckily, as the pup parent, you can do many things to ensure your Frenchie lives a long and happy life. We’ll get to some of those in just a minute but first, let’s take a look at some of the French Bulldog’s most common health issues.

Common Frenchie Health Problems

It’s important that Frenchie parents are aware of some of the biggest health concerns the breed is predisposed to. 

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

That flat face is adorable but it sure can cause some problems for these sweet pups. Those narrow nostrils and small windpipe can make it very difficult for Frenchies to breathe. BOAS can be a very serious and even deadly health issue, which is why many pup parents choose to have a surgical procedure done to correct the condition. If you’re concerned about your Frenchie’s breathing, speak to your veterinarian to see if they would be a good candidate for BOAS surgery.


While human beings sweat to cool their bodies, dogs cool themselves by panting. But, because many French Bulldogs have breathing issues to begin with, they can have a difficult time panting and cooling themselves down. This makes the breed predisposed to heat stroke, which can turn deadly very quickly if you don’t cool your fur baby down. Learn how to prevent heat stroke in your Frenchie.

Back Injuries

French Bulldogs are sometimes born with a spinal deformity known as hemivertebra. This means their spinal bone is not complete. This typically results in compression of the spinal cord, which leads to weakness in the hind legs and even fecal and urinary incontinence. 

If you believe your pup may be experiencing weakness due to spinal cord compression, your vet will want to use an MRI or CT scan to make an accurate diagnosis. Mild cases of spinal cord compression can typically be treated medically. Severe cases may require surgery.

Pulmonic Stenosis

Pulmonic stenosis is a congenital heart disease that causes a narrowing of the pulmonary valve and artery. This narrowing makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen. Not all cases of the disease will require treatment. But more severe cases can lead to congestive heart failure. Since this is an inherited trait, it is important to only work with qualified and ethical French Bulldog breeders who use cardiologists to assess their dogs prior to breeding them.

As you can see, French Bulldogs are prone to developing some serious health issues. And that’s why many pup parents are enrolling their fur babies into a pet insurance plan to help offset costs.

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How to Help Your French Bulldog Live a Long and Healthy Life

How can you ensure your Frenchie lives to the ripe old age of 12 and beyond? By following some specific guidelines:

Don’t Skimp on Nutrition

One of the most important things you can do to support your pup’s overall health and well-being is to feed her quality food that offers all of the necessary nutrients her body needs. Not all dog foods on the market can be called “quality” so be sure to read those labels and look for food that is balanced and not loaded with additives or fillers. We always recommend speaking with your vet about the right food – and the right amount of food (Frenchies can turn into potbelly pigs real quick!).

And speaking of your vet…

Bring Your Pup in for Regular Checkups

As our pets age, it becomes very important to bring them in for a wellness check at least twice a year. When they are younger, once a year is fine. But health conditions can crop up very quickly and you want to stay on top of them for the best health outcomes.

Give Them Enough Exercise

Frenchies are one of those breeds that are entirely content to nap the day away on the sofa. But lazy dogs that hardly get any exercise are more prone to developing health issues. To keep your dog healthy, be sure to take her for daily walks. Now since Frenchie’s have breathing issues, make sure to not make them walk too long. In summer, walk your pup either in the early morning hours or in the evening when the temps are cooler.

Spay or Neuter

Spaying and neutering our pets doesn’t just help with the population problem, it also helps our pups live longer. Studies have now conclusively shown that male neutered dogs had a 13.8% longer lifespan while female spayed dogs have a 26.3% longer lifespan than their “unfixed” counterparts. 

Enroll Your Frenchie in a Pet Insurance Plan

According to MetLife Insurance, one in three pets require a trip to the emergency vet each year. Are you financially prepared to give your Frenchie lifesaving treatment should an unexpected accident or illness occur? Many Americans can’t afford a vet bill that is in the thousands of dollars. The better able we are to get our pups the veterinary care they need, the longer and healthier lives they can lead. And the good news is, pet insurance plans are probably more affordable than you may think, and many will reimburse you for up to 90% of the vet bill.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your French Bulldog life expectancy, be sure to feed them a proper diet, give them plenty of exercise, get them in to see the vet at least twice a year and enroll them into a good pet insurance plan. If you do these 4 things, you can spend many happy years with your special fur baby.

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