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Does Pet Insurance Cover Euthanasia?

Posted: 12/09/2023 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Cat , Dog , Pet care , Top Tips

No pet parent ever wants to think about the end of their fur baby’s life. Sadly, our four-legged loved ones will pass one day, and those end-of-life costs can really add up. And if your pet has just experienced a costly illness or accident, paying even more can be too much for your mind and heart to bear. That’s why more pet parents are wondering, “Does pet insurance cover euthanasia?”

Keep reading to learn how end of life coverage works and which pet insurance providers offer these policies.

Does pet insurance cover euthanasia

How Does End-of-Life Coverage Work?

Most pet health insurance plans work like property insurance. You pay for vet visits up front out of pocket and then file a claim for reimbursement. There are, however, some pet insurance providers that will pay the vet directly.

If your pet insurance covers costs of end-of-life care, you will be reimbursed based on your chosen reimbursement rate and whether your family has met the deductible for the year. 

In addition to the cost of euthanasia, some pet insurance providers will cover costs for cremation or burial as well. 

According to, costs of euthanasia and cremation/burial can vary widely. For instance, euthanasia can cost as little as $50 at a pet shelter or clinic and as much as $645 (or more) for in-home services.

Cremation costs are generally determined by your pet’s weight and can range from $50 to $350. You can choose to have your fur baby cremated alone (more expensive) or do a communal cremation, which is less expensive but the ashes will not be returned to you.

If your local area does not allow you to bury your baby at home, you may find burial plots at pet cemeteries to range between $300 and $800. Some animal funeral homes will offer a packaged fee to take care of the entire process.

What Pet Insurance Providers Cover Euthanasia Costs?

Generally speaking, most pet insurance companies will cover the cost of euthanasia if your veterinarian recommends it due to a covered health condition and the waiting period has passed.

The following are some of the top pet insurance providers based on over 150,000 reviews from real pet parents like you:


Lemonade’s single accident & illness plan does not cover euthanasia, however, pet parents can purchase a separate end-of-life add-on plan for just $3.75 a month. This additional coverage covers vet-recommended euthanasia and cremation, as well as the cost of commemorative items like urns, framed pictures and even tattoos. Customers receive up to $500 of coverage that isn’t subject to the usual deductible or preexisting conditions restrictions. 

Learn more about Lemonade pet insurance.


Embrace is another popular pet insurance provider that will cover the cost of euthanasia if it has been recommended by your vet due to a covered health condition. End-of-life care will not be covered if it is recommended due to a preexisting condition.

Embrace customers who add a Wellness Rewards package to their plan can also be reimbursed for up to $650 for cremation, burial and keepsake items.

Learn more about Embrace pet insurance.


Spot offers both an accident-only plan and an accident & illness plan. Both of these plans cover end-of-life expenses including euthanasia, cremation and burial when due to a covered condition. However, if you select an accident-only plan, that means your end-of-life costs would only be covered if euthanasia was recommended due to an accident, not an illness. 

Learn more about Spot pet insurance.


Figo offers one accident & illness plan that covers euthanasia. Customers who add-on the Extra Care Pack Powerup plan for $6.62 a month (as of this writing) can receive up to $250 of coverage for cremation and burial costs. As a side note, this additional coverage can go toward boarding, vacation cancellation and stolen pet expenses. 

Learn more about Figo pet insurance.


 Trupanion’s accident & illness plan offers customers a 90% reimbursement rate for euthanasia costs. That plan alone will not cover costs of cremation or burial, but you can also purchase the Pet Owner Assistance Package for $4.95 a month to cover cremation and burial for accidental deaths. 

Cremation or burial due to an illness, congenital conditions or hereditary conditions are not eligible for coverage at this time.

Learn more about Trupanion pet insurance.

Final Thoughts

Does pet insurance cover euthanasia. Yes, many providers will help you cover the costs of end-of-life care should your vet recommend euthanasia due to a covered condition. 

It can be extremely hard to think of finances when your heart is breaking, so it’s always best to secure pet insurance while your fur baby is still healthy.




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