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Cat Health Insurance: Is it Right for You?

Posted: 09/09/2022 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Cat , Pet care , Top Tips

Is cat health insurance right for you? Well, consider the following…

Your beloved cat becomes ill or perhaps sustains an injury, and you’re suddenly faced with exorbitant vet bills you never expected. Can you afford their care or will you actually have to say goodbye to your fur baby?

is cat health insurance right for you?

It’s a scenario no cat owner ever wants to face. But sadly, thousands of Americans experience this anxiety and heartache each year.

Fortunately, more and more cat owners are understanding the value of cat health insurance. And just in time as myriad treatments that were once only available to humans are now available to our beloved. As examples, veterinarians are now able to perform kidney transplants and various treatments for cancer, including surgery, radiation and chemo.

While these advances in veterinarian medicine make it possible to spend more time with our beloved fur babies, they certainly come with big price tags! Cat health insurance can help us have our proverbial cake (more time with our pets) and eat it, too (affordable health care)!

Let’s take a deeper dive into what cat health insurance is exactly and how it works, so you can determine if it’s right for you.

What is Cat Health Insurance and How Does it Work?

Cat health insurance is similar to human health insurance. It helps you cover the costs associated with medical care should your cat become ill or injured.

There are some key differences between human health insurance plans and pet health insurance plans, however. For instance, human policies typically cover routine check-ups as well as illness and accidents. There are also different levels of coverage you can choose from.

While cat health insurance plans also allow you to choose the level of coverage you need, wellness coverage is considered an “add-on.” If you are interested in this coverage, you would have to purchase the plan separately.

cat health insurance

Similar to human health insurance, you will pay a monthly or annual premium in exchange for covering a portion of your vet expenses. Depending on the pet insurance policy you choose, there may or may not be a deductible.

One difference between pet and human insurance: pet insurance companies typically reimburse for up to 90% of the bill. This means pet owners must pay the bill up front. They then submit the bill to their insurance company for approval and receive a reimbursement check in the mail. Direct deposit may also be available.

There are some insurance companies who have streamlined the process and will pay the vet directly at the time of treatment. It’s important to research different cat health insurance companies to understand their reimbursement policies.

The Benefits of Cat Health Insurance

Here are just some of the many benefits of having insurance for your cat:

Cat Health Insurance Saves You Money

Monthly premiums for most plans are relatively inexpensive and can save you thousands of dollars down the road. For instance, you may have a policy that costs $25 a month. Should your cat suddenly need vet care that will cost thousands, you’ll have up to 90% of that covered.

Cat Health Insurance Offers Peace of Mind

When our fur babies become sick or injured, we are suddenly swept up into a world of fear and anxiety. What will happen? Will they be okay? Will life go back to the way it was?

The last thing we need on top of these fears is a fear of whether or not we can afford to pay for our cat’s treatment. Pet health insurance offers tremendous peace of mind in those times when we are wracked with worry.

cat health insurance offers peace of mind

Cat Health Insurance Can Save Your Cat’s Life

In the event of an emergency, cat health insurance can make the difference between saving your baby’s life and having to say goodbye. The same can be said for long-term treatment of a chronic condition, such as kidney disease, where medical costs can become very expensive very quickly. With an insurance plan, you can afford the care your cat needs and keep them in your life for as long as possible!

Key Considerations Before Choosing a Cat Insurance Policy

Here is some advice to help you select the absolute best plan for your fur baby:

Evaluate Your Finances

There is no one perfect policy that is right for everyone. You’ll want to take a hard and honest look at your financial life to see how much you can comfortably afford each month or year for premiums and possibly deductibles.

Keep in mind that it is usually easier to drop down into less coverage than go up into more coverage. This is because your cat will need to be underwritten again, and so any pre-existing conditions would not be covered on the new plan. All of this is to say that, it’s best to go with the absolute best coverage you can afford.

Consult with Your Vet

The coverage you will require will be dependent on your cat’s age, breed, current health and lifestyle. Certain breeds of cats have a higher risk of developing certain diseases, whereas outdoor, or indoor/outdoor cats have a higher chance of sustaining an injury.

We always advise our customers to speak with their veterinarian who can help them understand the potential for chronic disease and injury in the future.

cat health insurance

Research the Company

As more pet owners recognize the value of having insurance for their fur baby, more and more providers enter the market. This can be a good thing as long as you understand that not all providers are reputable.

It’s important that you do your due diligence and check into the provider’s background, track record, reputation and customer service ratings.

We’ve made your homework incredibly easy for you. You can use our website to read reviews of some of the top cat health insurance providers in the country. We’ve also created a handy tool that allows you to compare providers side-by-side.

Is Cat Health Insurance Worth It?

Cat health insurance offers pet parents real peace of mind. Should something happen to your cat and you find yourself suddenly facing high vet bills, you will be able to ensure your fur baby gets the care they need.

You can easily get started right now by getting a free quote from some of the top cat health insurance companies in the market today.


The information contained on this blog is intended for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. It is not a substitute for professional veterinary care. Always consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet's health care or treatment plan.

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We encourage you to do your own research and consult with your veterinarian before making any decisions about your pet's health.

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