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7 Ways to Make the Holidays Safe for Pets

Posted: 12/14/2023 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Cat , Dog , Pet care

The holiday season is here and that means singing carols, giving gifts and slapping on your ugliest sweater. It also means spoiling your pets and making them feel part of the festivities. While it’s time to all let loose and have some fun, it’s important to keep an eye on our pets to ensure they aren’t exposed to anything toxic or hazardous. With this in mind, here are 7 ways to make the holidays safe for pets.

Mind Those Plants

Christmas trees are the centerpiece of many homes this time of year. And while they can be very pretty, they can also be a bit dangerous to our adventurous pets. Be sure to securely anchor your tree so it can’t easily tip or fall. If you have a real tree, be careful of using plant fertilizers in the water – many of these can cause stomach upset should our pets drink from the tree stand.

Mistletoe, Holly and Poinsettias

These plants add a lot of holiday color to the home, but they are also toxic to our pets. Nausea, diarrhea, cardiovascular problems and even kidney failure… these are just some of the serious health issues if our fur babies should ingest any of these plants. If you’re a pet parent, make the holidays safe for pets and decorate with the fake stuff.

Say No to Tinsel

Admittedly, tinsel adds a lovely sparkle to any tree. But it can be very bad should your kitty decide to swallow one or more pieces. We’re talking about a possible blockage, which can lead to an expensive life-saving surgery. So better to brighten your tree with other decorations and forgo the tinsel.

Cozy Candles

Never leave lit candles unattended. Yes, they can make your house smell amazing, but they can also catch your cat on fire, or your entire house on fire should your dog or cat knock them over. Try to have candles up and out of the way of pets and blow them out if you will be leaving the room for any length of time. Better yet, use battery powered candles for the ambience and an essential oil diffuser to give your house that fragrance of cinnamon and spice.

Wrap Those Wires

A wire can pose a tripping hazard for people and a potential shock for your fur baby should they curiously bite into the thing that looks like a snake. Make the holidays safe for pets and be sure to keep your wires wrapped and out of the way of your pets.

Don’t Offer Pets Holiday Foods

‘Tis the season when most of us forget our diets and go a little crazy eating holiday foods. And it’s natural for us to want to share in the binging with our fur babies. But many of the foods we eat can be potentially toxic for them. 

For instance, many junk food items have been sweetened with xylitol, which can actually be deadly to pets. Chocolate, raisins, these are also no-no. Even very rich, fatty foods can cause an acute case of pancreatitis for our pets, and that can lead to an expensive trip to the ER.

If you have guests over to your house, explain the rules and ask that they don’t leave plates of food down where pets can get them, and be sure to secure those trash cans if you have a dumpster diver in your home!

Here is a full list of plants and common foods that can be toxic to our pets.

Give Your Fur Babies a Safe Space

Every pet is different. Some may love being in the center of all the activity, while other pets may become stressed with the noise and extra people in the house. If this is your fur baby, then be sure to provide them with a safe and quiet space to hang out while the humans celebrate. Bring in their bed, toys, and their water bowl so they can escape the human madness and just chill.

Be Ready for an Emergency

Many vets offices are closed over the holidays. Do you know the nearest emergency veterinary clinic? Ask your vet in advance where you should go when their office is closed.

Here are some other phone numbers you should store in your phone or have up on your fridge:

  • 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic (if different)
  • ASPCA Poison Control Center: 888-426-4435
  • Pet Poison Helpline: 855-764-7661

Another way to be prepared is to have pet insurance for those unexpected accidents and illnesses. God forbid your pet eats something they shouldn’t or is burned, you could be looking at an ER bill for thousands of dollars. Are you financially prepared to handle that?

Keep the holidays stress-free and enroll your fur baby into a pet insurance plan. It’s the best gift you can give to them and yourself. And if you’re not sure which provider is the best, here are the top providers based on over 150,000 reviews from pet parents just like you:


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