The Benefits of Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?

The Benefits of Pet Insurance: Is It Worth It?

Pet parents have the honor of being the most important being in their pets’ lives. The responsibility that accompanies that love and trust includes having the funds to care for a pet’s basic needs, including medical care. However, as any pet parent will tell you, even having money saved for a pet’s care may not be enough should an emergency or accident occur. That’s where a pet insurance policy can help you provide the treatment your dog or cat needs at a critical moment. Pet insurance offers numerous benefits to the policyholder and their pets, making it a worthwhile investment all pet parents should consider.

What are the benefits of pet insurance?

Some pet parents question whether pet insurance is a worthwhile investment, unaware of the multiple ways in which a policy can benefit them. Here’s how a pet insurance policy can help you and your pet:

1. Pet insurance saves you money.

Your pet insurance plan helps save you money when your pet experiences an accident or unexpected illness. You pay your deductible, contingent upon the plan you purchased from a pet insurance company. After you file your claim, your insurance company will reimburse you for a percentage of the veterinary bill. As opposed to having to fund the entirety of the bill, your insurance plan will cover some of it for you, saving you money.


The average cost of an emergency vet visit ranges from $1500 to $3000, and a pet insurance plan will cover the majority of those fees for you, depending on the coverage you choose for your policy.

2. Insurance increases your pet’s treatment options.

Veterinary medicine, surgery, and technology have improved tremendously over the last decade. There are more and better options available for pets who suffer from debilitating injuries or devastating illnesses such as cancer. A pet insurance policy lets pet parents choose the highest levels of treatment for their pets, without worrying about the costs for that care. Instead of wondering how you will fund your dog’s costly surgery or chemotherapy, you can have confidence that your insurance policy will cover the majority of that bill.

3.  Pet insurance lets you budget your pet’s health care.

With a pet insurance policy, you can spread out your pet’s health care payments annually, rather than facing the prospect of paying a large amount of money in an emergency. Additionally, you can avoid using your savings to pay for large pet bills because your pet insurance plan will help you cover significant amounts of that care.

4. You can choose your vet with a pet insurance plan.

Unlike human health insurance, where you have to go to a doctor within a prescribed network, you can use your pet insurance policy at any licensed veterinary clinic in the U.S. That means you can choose the veterinarian you’d like to treat your pet. No referrals are necessary for therapists or specialists, either. A pet insurance plan is especially beneficial when accidents or illnesses happen after hours on weekends or holidays, and you have to take your pet to an emergency clinic.

5. Pet insurance policies are available for pets of all ages and breeds.

Just because your dog or cat is older doesn’t mean they can’t get insurance coverage. Pet insurance is available for dogs and cats of all ages at affordable rates. There is no discrimination against pets due to their breed or age, although companies will not provide coverage for preexisting conditions. Even so, coverage for your older or senior pet can pay dividends in covering treatments for future illnesses or surgeries.


Some pet insurance companies even offer plans for avian and exotic pets, such as parrots, ferrets, rabbits, goats, horses, and amphibians! Any pet parent can benefit from a plan that helps them help their pet.

6. You can pick your plan.

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to pet insurance companies and the plans they offer. That variety works to your advantage, allowing you to shop and get quotes to find the plan that serves your pet and your pocketbook best. If you’re not sure where to start, let Pet Insurance Review help you with a free, personalized quote to get you started.

7. Pet insurance lets you focus on what’s most important: your pet.

Imagine taking your pet to the emergency clinic, worried about her well-being and how you are going to afford what is bound to be an enormous bill. With pet insurance, you can put those worries to rest and focus on the most critical factor in the situation: your pet. Put your energies toward helping your best friend recover rather than stressing about finding the money to cover the unexpected expense.

8. Pet insurance equals peace of mind.

With a pet insurance plan, you know that no matter what happens, you can afford to take care of your pets. Many pet insurance providers offer plans that cover from 60% - 90% of veterinary costs after you have paid the deductible.

Pet insurance benefits you and your furkids.

There’s no doubt about it: pet insurance is highly beneficial for pet parents and their pets. Start saving today and preparing for the future with a pet insurance plan for your dog or cat. Get a pet insurance quote, compare plans, and find the best one for your budget, your peace of mind, and most of all, for your four-legged family member.




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