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Beagle Dog Breed Profile

Pet profile

Perfect for more active families who love spending time outdoors.

  • Small to medium (34cm to 40cm)
  • Typically weighing between 8kg and 14kg
  • 10 to 15 years life expectancy

Beagles are a popular and very loving dog breed that makes great family dogs. With a kind and energetic personality, Beagles love to be around people.

Their reputation for strong overall health and long lifespan make them any dog lover’s best friend.

If you adopt a Beagle, you should seek pet insurance to protect them from the unforeseen and ensure good care throughout its life.


History of Beagles

Beagles were originally bred as rabbit hunters as early as 55 B.C. By the 1500s, most hunters had smaller hunting hounds that are ancestors of Beagles used to hunt rabbit.

Beagles were called the English “foot hound of our country,” because hunters could keep up with the packs on foot.

Today, Beagles are great family dogs and are a popular breed that has been featured in popular movies such as Shiloh.

Characteristics of Beagles

If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog with a big personality, you need to look no further than a Beagle.

Most beagles are smaller hounds that are usually black, tan, and white with floppy ears. Beagles are known for their short dense double coat. Beagles shed a moderate amount.

A beagle’s coat will shed predominantly in the spring, so be sure to brush his or her coat weekly to get rid of excess hair and ensure they are always looking their best.

Beagles tend to be vocal dogs, so expect a bark or two when they are looking for a playmate or letting you know someone is at the door.

As the Beagle is a hound breed, they are expected to use their nose a great deal. Beagles are a hunting breed that enjoys tracking down scents, which can sometimes get them into trouble.

When house training a Beagle puppy, crate training is recommended and Beagles usually respond well to this type of training.

Beagles were bred to be pack dogs and they view their families as their pack. This dog breed makes a great family pet. Some other Beagle breed characteristics are they are protective and cuddly with their owners.

Adopting Beagles From A Rescue Or Beagle Breeder

When choosing beagle breeders, you want to check if they are reputable breeders accredited with the American Kennel Club or National Beagle Club. The cost of beagle puppies can depend on their lineage.

You can also find beagles at shelters and rescues. Unfortunately, some discover that beagle puppies can be stubborn, hard to train, and very vocal.

Exercise And Nutrition of Beagles

To stay happy and healthy, a Beagle requires at least an hour of walking per day, and these long walks will also allow them to be scent hounds. But, be sure to train your Beagle, as not doing so could result in a naughty dog who runs away for an interesting scent.

Daily exercise is important so they don’t become overweight and high-quality dog food should be fed to your Beagle twice a day.

The amount you feed your dog will depend on their age and size. Always read the label or seek advice from your veterinarian if you are unsure.

Common Health Problems And Illnesses of Beagles

Beagles do have their share of health issues, which is why it’s a good idea to take out pet insurance for your Beagle while they’re still a puppy. Beagles’ long ears should be checked regularly.

Beagles should have routine check-ups at the vet to catch any serious conditions early on and ensure the best pet care. Pet insurance for Beagles can assist with routine care costs such as dental cleanings and shots.

While a Beagle’s long, floppy ears play a large part in what makes this breed so loveable, they can create issues when the airflow is blocked to the ear canal and moisture becomes trapped inside.

When this occurs, infection is likely to develop, and your Beagle will need a course of antibiotics to prevent any long-term problems from developing.

Cushing’s disease causes your dog’s glands to produce too much of the hormone cortisol. Contact your veterinarian if your Beagle experiences thinning of skin, frequent urination, or hair loss as these are common symptoms of the disease.

Distichiasis is a painful condition that causes the dog’s eyelashes to grow back into the eye, and prompt medical care is required to prevent more serious eye problems from developing

Cancer, most commonly lymphoma, is another health issue that Beagles may encounter. Regular check-ups with the veterinarian are the best way to try and catch this disease early so that treatment can be started at the optimum time.

Polyarthritis is a condition that causes a dog’s immune system to attack the joints. While the causes of the disease are not completely understood, it can be treated successfully with a series of cortisone shots.

Warts, lumps, and growths, such as fatty deposits known as lipomas, can occur for a variety of reasons. Feel for unusual bumps during your weekly grooming session with your Beagle, and consult your veterinarian if you find any abnormalities.

Diabetes causes your dog’s sugar levels to become too high. Symptoms are increased appetite, unexplained weight loss, tiredness and excessive thirst, and treatment could include changes to your dog’s diet or insulin injections.

Insect or animal bites, tiredness or old age could cause your animal to limp. If your beagle is moving slower or putting less pressure on a hind leg then consult your veterinarian for advice.

Fun Facts About Beagles

  1. Beagle means “Loudmouth” in French, and this nickname is down to the breed’s vocal nature.
  2. The Beagle breed is thousands of years old. Their exact heritage is unknown but they lived predominantly in England around the Roman Empire era for rabbit hunting.
  3. All pure-bred Beagles have white-tipped tails. It may only be a few hairs or be completely white, but if a Beagle doesn’t have these markings, then it is probably a mixed breed.
  4. President Lyndon Johnson had two Beagles, named Him and Her, in the White House at the time of his presidency.
  5. Barry Manilow loves Beagles; he had a famous beagle called Bagel that was featured on many of his album covers.


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