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Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Experience + Results

Posted: 11/06/2023 | BY: Lacy Bursick | Categories: Uncategorized

When I adopted my best friend Kila ten years ago, she was listed as a German Shepard mix. As she grew, I quickly realized she was probably not a German Shepard mix, because she never grew past 30lbs. This was honestly better because having a massive dog as my first solo pet would have been a lot. At only 30lbs, Kila somehow would Houdini off her leash and run across the street to the park and jump in the river for a swim.

Her whole life I was curious as to what her mixed breeds were. People would ask me and I would usually say terrier mix. The vet had lab mix down on their paperwork. Recently I decided to buy a Wisdom Panel test to finally have some science-backed answers to learn what breeds made the sweetest girl ever.

Kila’s Traits

Kila Young Old

Kila is a medium-sized dog who has stayed 30lbs her whole life. She has a silky smooth short hair coat that started off very black with brown eyebrows that have turned into grey over the last few years. Her body type is slim and athletic, and her tail is straight but curls into a circle when she is stimulated. I’ve had custom-made harnesses for her most of her life because her chest area is much larger than the average medium dog. As a puppy, she was always slipping out of her collar because her neck was wider than her head. She loves running in figure 8s as fast as she can, and she can’t walk by a water hole without jumping in for a swim. Kila is very food motivated and no matter how much I try to stop it, she can’t resist barking at every small vermin in the yard or on walks.

Kila Body

Here’s What My Wisdom Panel Guess Was

I always thought maybe she was mixed with Italian Greyhound, because of her chest shape, tiny waist, and love for running. After research, I also thought she was mixed with some sort of terrier such as a Manchester Terrier because they have black and brown markings like hers.

Here’s What Other People Speculated

I shared some photos of her on social media when I submitted her DNA test to see what others’ guesses were. The guesses were all over the place like a Chihuahua mix, Fiest, Lab, American Staffordshire, Beagle, and Pinscher.

I swabbed her mouth, sent it to Wisdom Panel, and waited 2 weeks for the results.

Today, I got the results in my email. I was very excited to finally unveil what this little mutt of mine is mixed with. Drumroll please…

Kilas Results

I was shocked. Kila’s results read 25% Fox Terrier (Toy), 25% Golden Retriever, 12% Saint Bernard, and 37% Mixed Breeds (Manchester Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Mini Pinscher, and more).

The Fox Terrier result made sense. Here is a comparison where I can see the resemblance, plus I always speculated she was mixed with terrier thanks to her love for squirrels and energetic personality.

But the 25% Golden Retriever and 12% Saint Bernard had me baffled. She does not look like either of these large breeds at all. Maybe this is where her love for swimming and big attitude comes from?

The 37% Mixed Breed was not a surprising result, especially once reading more into their guesses of Italian Greyhound, Manchester Terrier, and Mini Pinscher. She also had Sporting and Herding in there, but small amounts that they can’t fully define.

Here is a cute video I made that shows the super easy DNA collection process.

So there we have it – my little mutt is truly a mutt with a history of so many breeds that she really is not definable. I can’t wait to answer Golden Retriever and Saint Bernard when people ask what she is. With all this new info, all I can say is Kila is truly one of a kind.

Another great feature of the Wisdom Panel is that it lets you know if your dog has the genetic mutation MDR1. By knowing this, you can ensure you properly care for your pet if it ever needs medications. MDR1 can lead to toxin build-up in your pet’s brain causing seizures and other health concerns.

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