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Pethealth Inc Insurance Revenue Up

Posted: 04/25/2022 | BY: Content Writer | Categories:

With over 200,500 pets insured, Pethealth Inc. has announced an unprecedented increase in revenue. The company notes an increase of 15% this year.

Pethealth Inc, the company behind 24PetWatch insurance (US & Canada) and PetProtect insurance (UK), announced double digit growth for the 3rd quarter of 2013. Insurance revenue increased 15% to $6.5 million.

The company website notes that it insures over 200,500 pets. Based on that number, I would expect the insurance revenue to be higher. Using an average premium price of $25 per month, I would expect about $15 million in insurance revenue for the quarter (200,500 x $25 x 3 months.)

Perhaps the lower revenue per customer is due to the free 30-day trial insurance policies the company gives away. Assuming those free policies are included in the 200,500 total, a high number of freebies would certainly change the math.

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