Here at Pet Insurance Review we read dozens of reviews every day which detail illness and accidents that pets and their families have been through. Most of the time we’re relieved to see that there’s a happy ending to these stories, but every now and then there’s a case where even the best veterinary care isn’t enough.

We were recently contacted by Phil, who sadly lost his Shih Tzu, Bella, in September this year. Despite going through such a difficult time, Phil and his family wanted to thank Nationwide, their pet insurer, for the support they had given throughout Bella’s life.

Bella’s story was so touching we wanted to share it with you, and we hope it highlights how important a sense of compassion and understanding from an insurer is when it comes to the toughest times we face as pet owners.


The old statement of a dog being Man’s Best Friend could not be truer than to our dear Shih Tzu “Bella”.  For a period of ten years she brought our whole family an immense amount of love, joy and companionship.  All she ever wanted was to be cuddled, fed and have a good belly rub.

From the onset, it became apparent that Bella, at some point, would be requiring veterinarian care, at which time we were introduced to VPI (now Nationwide).  Once we acquired her pet insurance, we knew that no matter what happened to Bella, she would be taken care of. From some of the more slightly minor incidents (getting her paw stuck in a lawn chair, breaking a toenail on the stairs, getting a bad cough, etc.), to having a major surgery performed on her (for removing a bunch of bladder stones) Nationwide was always there to walk us through the process. Without having this type of pet insurance coverage, we would have been very hard pressed to come up with the funds needed for treating Bella…..again Nationwide came through.

Earlier this summer we noticed that Bella had developed lumps on her neck and seemed at times, had labored breathing.  A trip to our local vet confirmed our worst fears……….Bella had lymphoma cancer.  No matter how much care or insurance we had, nothing could save our poor Bella and she died on September 13, 2018.

We will deeply miss the sound of your paws as you were coming down the hallway, your running up to the door to greet us every time we came home, your barking and chasing the birds and rabbits in our yard and mostly your unconditional love that you extended to us!  We will miss you Bella…sleep well, bark all you want in Dog Heaven……until someday when we’ll all be together again.

Again, thank you Nationwide for all of your compassion, understanding and fantastic healthcare coverage that you provided to our beloved Bella.

Bella’s Family Forever,

Phil Jr., Phil Sr. and Sue Ramirez

Tucson, AZ.