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How to Comfort a Dog with Pancreatitis

Posted: 04/05/2023 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Dog , Health problems , Pet care

Seeing your pup fighting a major illness can be sad and scary. And pancreatitis is absolutely a major illness. In fact, if not treated in time, the condition can be lethal. A pancreatitis attack can take anywhere from 5 – 10 days to recover from. During this time, many pup parents wonder how to comfort a dog with pancreatitis

The following tips will help you bring your pup love and comfort while she is healing.

how to comfort a dog with pancreatitis

Keep Her Company

In sickness and in health, all our dogs really want is to spend time with us. One of the best ways you can bring your pup comfort is by simply spending time with her. You are the alpha and protector in your dog’s eye. Your presence will make her feel safe and secure.

Give Her a Peaceful Place to Heal

Do you have other pets? Small children that are always running around screaming? Your pup is going to need a peaceful room to rest and recuperate in. Ideally, your pup will be allowed to be in your bedroom away from others. Be sure to bring in all of her favorite beds and blankets. And if you do have small kids, be certain to explain what is going on and tell them they will have to be quiet and gentle around your fur baby.

Mind Their Belly

You’ll still want to lavish your pup with loving touches and pets, but you’ll want to steer clear of touching her abdomen, as it will be uncomfortable for quite a few days. She’ll no doubt love to be gently stroked on her head, though.

how to comfort a dog with pancreatitis

Provide Plenty of Wee-Wee Pads

Your pup may not have the strength to go outside to relieve herself. It’s a great idea to put down a few wee-wee pads so she can easily go potty when she needs to. You’ll also want to be sure to put a wee-wee pad down on her bed, as dogs can sometimes make an unintended mess during a pancreatitis attack. Be certain to change this pad often to keep your pup nice and clean.

Follow Your Vet’s Feeding Instructions to the “T”

Eating the wrong type of food is what got your fur baby into trouble in the first place. And while you may think it will bring her comfort to have a little treat here and there, AVOID this temptation. You really will need to feed your pup a bland diet for a set number of days before you can slowly add back in her normal foods. Remember, your dog’s diet will greatly determine her recovery journey. 

Keep Her Well Hydrated

Proper hydration is key to healing. Pancreatitis can leave your fur baby dehydrated because of so much vomiting and diarrhea. Be sure to provide lots of fresh, clean drinking water and keep it close so your pup doesn’t have to walk far to get it. If she isn’t drinking enough, try to entice her by adding some ice cubes to her water bowl.


Q: What is dog pancreatitis recovery time?

A: Generally speaking, a dog will recover from pancreatitis in 3-5 days. However, a severe acute attack can take longer to recover from. It’s important to mention that while your pup will begin to act normal once again, her pancreas will remain “at risk” for further attacks. So be sure to feed your dog a low-fat vet-approved diet to avoid any future flare-ups.

Q: What is dog pancreatitis treatment cost?

A: Whether acute or chronic, treating pancreatitis in dogs can be costly. According to PetMD, dogs with chronic pancreatitis may need anywhere from between $500 to $1,000 of outpatient care. An acute episode of pancreatitis can cost as much as $2000 or more if your pup requires hospitalization. 

Q: Does Pet Insurance Cover the Costs of Pancreatitis?

A: Many pet insurance providers will reimburse for treatment costs with an accident & illness plan. The thing to understand is, no insurance plan will cover preexisting conditions. This means once your dog suffers from pancreatitis, it is considered a preexisting condition.

And THIS IS EXACTLY why it is so important to insure your fur baby when they are young and healthy, before they have been officially diagnosed with something. This way no matter what happens down the road, you’ll be covered and have peace of mind.

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Just because your pup has already suffered from a pancreatitis episode doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from a pet health insurance plan. We never know what tomorrow may bring. Accidents and other illnesses can happen. Protect your pup and your savings by enrolling in a pet health insurance plan

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