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Can Pets See Ghosts?

Posted: 10/19/2022 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Behavior , Cat , Dog

Has this ever happened to you? You’re interacting with one of your pets when suddenly they begin to look off into space. You follow their gaze, expecting to see a bug on the wall, but nothing is there. You look back at your fur baby who begins to track the movement of something invisible moving back and forth across the ceiling. And then… they growl at it. (gulp) For those of us who have been in this situation, we can’t help but wonder, are our pets experiencing something paranormal? Can pets actually see ghosts?

can pets see ghosts?

What Does the Science Say?

When it comes to ghosts, there is no real scientific data that proves their existence. Though, at one point in time, we could have said the same thing about bacteria. We simply didn’t have the equipment earlier in history to be able to “see” and prove bacteria existed. Now we do. Perhaps one day we will have equipment that can finally, once and for all, prove the existence of ghosts.

Until then, we have to look at the science we do have. And what we have currently tells us that dog and cat senses are highly attuned. Our fur babies are experiencing the world around them in vastly different ways than we are.

Their Hearing is Off the Charts

Did you know that dogs and cats can hear frequencies we can’t? That’s why if you blow on a dog whistle, you won’t hear a thing but your dog will be driven mad by the very, very, very high-pitched sound. Our pets can also pick up on sounds that are four times further away than we would ever be able to detect.

As Far as the Eye Can See… and Then Some!

Our pets’ field of vision is also vastly wider than our own. Not only can they see objects at a greater distance, but they can see more of the light spectrum than humans can. When we bump into objects and stub our toe in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom, our cats are running around like Olympic sprinters with absolute precision and grace.

Can pets see ghosts?

The Nose Knows

And our pets, particularly dogs, have an acute sense of smell. For instance, a dog’s sense of smell can be 10,000x to 100,000x more sensitive than humans! No doubt half the time our dogs beg to be let out into the backyard, it’s because somewhere in the neighborhood someone has fired up the grill.

So, can our pets’ extraordinary senses actually pick up on energy or paranormal activity? Based on what we know, there is a chance that they could.

But beyond their exceptional five senses, cats and dogs also have a “sixth sense” that can perhaps explain some of their… odd behavior. As an example, dogs and cats (and many others in the animal kingdom) can sense impending doom when it comes to a natural disaster or inclement weather. They can also detect when someone is going to have a seizure and detect when someone has cancer.

And we’ve all seen those stories of the nursing home that has a cat who seems to always be able to detect which resident is going to pass very soon. The cat will always be found sitting on the bed with the person, and then hours later, the person has passed.

Now some would say the cat smelled a change in the person’s biochemistry or heard their breathing pattern change. Perhaps this can explain it, or perhaps they are sensing something extraordinary going on that we simply can’t.

Can pets see ghosts?

If Ghosts are Real, Our Pets Can Probably Sense Them

Whether or not ghosts actually exist – and whether or not our pets can actually see them – will most likely remain a mystery for a while. But just to be safe, the next time you’re in that adorable Airbnb, filled with charm and history, and your dog starts to growl at something in the corner that you can’t see, you may want to sleep with one eye open.

Keep Your Pets’ Eyes, Ears, and Noses Healthy with a Pet Insurance Plan

As we’ve just read, our pets have extraordinary senses. But that doesn’t mean they can’t experience vision or hearing loss or a diminished sense of smell. Sometimes the causes of these losses are benign and sometimes they point to a more serious underlying condition.

Keep your fur baby, and their extraordinary senses, healthy by enrolling in a pet insurance plan.

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