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Best Multi-Cat Insurance: Top Picks for 2024

Posted: 01/22/2024 | BY: Jenna Bruce | Categories: Cat , Health problems , Pet care

A wise proverb says, “The more cats you have, the more joy you will experience.” Okay, we just made that up. But if you’re a cat lover, you know that more cats typically equals more fun, joy and laughter. But perhaps another proverb should say, “The more cats you have, the more money you will spend to take care of them.” And this is why pet insurance is a MUST with multiple cats. With this in mind, keep reading to learn about the best multi-cat insurance.

Key Points

  • Cat parents can expect to pay between $325 and $1600 each year for each cat. And this isn’t even including the cost of vet care. 
  • The average vet visit costs between $45 and $55, not including things like bloodwork and X-rays. 
  • Emergency veterinary costs can range in the thousands of dollars.
  • Some pet insurance companies offer multi-pet discounts to help pet parents save on monthly premiums.

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Why Pet Insurance is Important with Multiple Pets

Did you know there are millions of households in the United States that have more than one pet? It stands to reason that the more pets you have, the more vet bills you’ll tackle each year. In fact, according to, cat parents can expect to pay between $775 to $3,020 in upfront costs in the first year alone. In addition, annual costs for cat parents (from cat food to toys to litter) can range between $325 (on the low end) to $1600 (on the high end).

These expenses don’t even include vet costs. Average vet visits cost between $45 and $55. That’s not including the cost of X-rays, bloodwork, vaccinations and other necessary treatments. And it’s certainly not including emergency veterinary treatments, which can cost well into the thousands of dollars. 

You can take all of these numbers and multiply them by the number of cats you have. The reality is, most households with multiple cats simply don’t have the savings or financial resources to pay for care should the unfortunate happen.

And that’s why pet insurance is so important with multiple cats. Pet insurance is affordable for most people and can end up saving them thousands of dollars down the road. And, as an added bonus, having pet insurance truly gives cat parents peace of mind. Should something happen to your fur baby, you can rest easy knowing you can get them the treatment they need.

With this said, let’s take a look at the best multi-cat insurance providers in the market today.

Top Multi-Cat Insurance Providers 

We’ve sifted through data to find those pet insurance providers that offer multiple-pet discounts.


Embrace offers customers unlimited annual coverage and reimbursement rates of between 70% and 90%. They also offer a 10% multi-pet discount, which can really help cat parents save on monthly premiums. 

Some other noteworthy things to mention about Embrace, they also offer a “diminishing deductible” that reduces your deductible by $50 for every year you don’t have a claim paid. There is only a 2 day waiting period for accident coverage and they also offer a wellness plan.

Find out more about Embrace pet insurance.

best multi-cat insurance


ManyPets offers unlimited annual coverage and 70% or 80% reimbursement rates. While they do not have a multi-pet discount, they do have some of the lowest insurance rates of all the plans we evaluated. And that includes ones that do offer multi-pet discounts. 

ManyPets will reduce their accident & illness coverage to just 24 hours (which is almost unheard of) if you switch over to them from another pet insurance company. They also offer an optional additional wellness plan.

Find out more about ManyPets pet insurance.


Pumpkin offers various plans that come with either $10,000, $20,000 or unlimited annual coverage. They also offer a 90% reimbursement rate and a variety of deductibles. Pumpkin does offer a 10% multi-pet option and covers exam fees for illnesses and accidents. 

Find out more about Pumpkin pet insurance.


Spot offers multiple coverage options ranging from $2,500 all the way up to unlimited annual coverage. Their reimbursement rates are between 70% and 90% and they offer varying deductibles.

Spot also offers a 10% multi-pet discount to help cat parents save each month on premiums. Spot offers a wellness plan options and will even cover the cost of microchipping your pets. That may come in handy for those cat parents with indoor/outdoor cats.

Learn more about Spot pet insurance.


Figo offers a range of coverage options from $5,000 to $10,000 to unlimited annual coverage. And along with offering reimbursement rates of 70%, 80%, and 90%, they are one of the few providers to also offer a 100% reimbursement rate.

In addition Figo offers a 5% multi-pet discount. While not as high as some of the providers on this list, that 100% reimbursement rate – should you go with that option – could certainly offset costs.

Learn more about Figo pet insurance.

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